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Training Guides


This is the root page for new player training. Below you will find things like how to get to where we're staging, what to train, and information about Test Free. There are also links pointing to pages like how to get on TEST Auth, Mumble and Discord if you haven't already done that!

Game Mechanics


Piloting Guides

Fitting Guides

How to make your spaceship go pew pew better

See also: TEST Doctrines

Making Money

There are many different ways to make money in this game. Here are a bunch of guides written by a lot of good people and players on how to make money in the various niches this game has to offer.

Hauling and Freighting (Logistics)

Being a space trucker is cool, and also keeps the alliance well stocked with war material and goods. You get paid for performing this service.


Planetary Interaction

A whole lot of clicking to setup a passive income stream. You setup a base on a planet which produces materials which be sold off or assembled into more complex items.

Industry, Manufacturing, Market Guides

Taking rocks and turning them into ships, weapons, and ammo.

Ratting Guides

Other ways of making ISK

These fall into a category of their own, mainly because they're not as involved as other forms of making ISK and are done isolated from alliance support networks. You can still ask alliance members for advice, it's just not likely that you can ask for people to warp to you to help you out if you get into trouble.

Miscellaneous Information for Pilots

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