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Base Haver's P4 Factories


You should only consider creating P4 commodities if you have enough PI characters to run at least 25 planets. Otherwise you're better off making POS fuel (Oxygen, Coolant, Enriched Uranium, Mechanical Parts and Robotics) or participating in Base Haver's PI buying service. Go to Base Haver's PI Guide to learn more about P2 & P1 production.

Keeping one P4 factory busy requires the output of 8-36 P2/P1 planets.

The spreadsheet used in the aforementioned guide is good for tracking your PI chain. Make a copy for yourself so you can edit it.

Every schematic for every P4

Basic Factory

You will only be able to fit this type of factory on a planet with a radius smaller than 4600km.

Used in the creation of

6-9 different P2 commodities are imported through the poco into the 3 Launchpads and 3 Storage Facilities. Use the “expedited transfer” function on the Launchpads to fill up each Storage Facility.

Each of your storage buildings must be set up to route every different P2 commodity to its respective Advanced Industry Facility. You should not rely on remembering which storage building is supposed to contain which commodity. Creating these routes is very time consuming but ultimately worthwhile.

The Advanced Industry Facilities are split into 3 blocks. Each block produces one of the three P3 commodities needed by the final P4. Route each p3 to its own Storage Facility, do not route them through the Launchpads (the Storage Facilities have an extra 2000m3 of space to use as a buffer). The Storage Facilities then route their assigned p3 to all three of the High Tech Industry Facilities.

Each High Tech Industry Facility routes its production to one of the Storage Facilities (not the launchpads).

When producing Recursive Computing Modules:

  • Empty & Refill every 5 days
  • Load 6000 of each of the six different P2 commodities

When producing Integrity Responses Drones and Wetware Mainframes

  • Empty & Refill every 3 days
  • Load 4300 of each of the nine different P2 commodities

Hybrid Factory

Used in the creation of

The difference between this factory and the basic one is the incorporation of a P1 > P2 step into the usual P2 > P3 > P4 factory dynamic. Both Broadcast Nodes and Self-Harmonizing Power Cores are made from P3s that utilize one of the three “black sheep” P2 commodities.

You will be importing Industrial Fibers (from Temperate planets,) Oxidizing Compound (from Gas planets) and Silicon (from Lava planets) to produce Microfiber Shielding, Polyaramids and Silicate Glass. These commodities are mixed with the other–less difficult–P2 commodities you imported to create the P3s and finally, the P4s.

  • Empty & Refill every 5 days
  • Load 2400 of each P2 commodity & 38,400 of each P1 commodity

Mining Factory

Used in the creation of

  • Nano Factory
  • Organic Mortar Applicators
  • Sterile Conduits

These schematic for these three P4s utilizes two P3 commodities and one P1 commodity. One High-Tech Industry Facility requires the output of one Basic Industry Facility. Instead of importing the P1s use an Extractor Control Unit and make them on-site.

  • Empty & Refill every 10 days
  • Load 9600 of each of the four different P2 commodities
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