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Description Centralized API and authentication for all TEST services
Maintainer(s) Retired Devs
ozzeh Aaron Static
Tross Yvormes Kaphene
Rsgm Vaille Silwar Naiilo
Telltak Laellithor Slug Hard
Michael Yanai
Jinli mei
Aevum Decessus
Matalok (Original creator)
Twisted Sizter
Thorrak FluffyPants
Amatta Lols
Dran Arcana
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What is Auth?

Auth is a system that Test uses to tie your identity to your Eve Online accounts and grant appropriate access and permissions for Test's external services such as Discord, Forums, and various other services and tools including this wiki.

Auth can be found at

  • All characters/toons, all accounts, whether active or unsubbed must be added. If you have access to the account, then add it to auth. Cyno alts, all.

Creating an Auth Account

:ducksiren: DO NOT CREATE MULTIPLE AUTH ACCOUNTS! :ducksirenflip:

This is very important. If you create multiple Auth accounts it will break your shit and IT will have to fix it for you. If anyone other than TEST IT tells you to “just create a second auth account” then they are wrong. Do not do it. Seek advice from your corp leadership if you cannot get Auth to work.

Steps to Creating an Auth Account

  • Click the “Sign Up” link.
  • Enter all of your information. The email address must be a valid one and the username cannot have spaces or underscores.
  • Click submit and the auth will ask for you to validate your email.
  • Check your email, there will be a link that you'll need to click to get validated.
  • Log in to your account through the login form on the landing page.

Adding Your ESI Key

In order to get access to Test Services you have to link your Eve Online character(s) to your Auth account so that we can see that you are a member of Test or an ally. This is done through an ESI Key provided by CCP.

  • Go to your Profile Screen in Auth.
  • Click the Login with EVE Online Button in the EVE API Keys tab.
  • Enter your EVE Online account credentials
  • Select the character from the drop-down menu to authorize ESI Access
  • To add addition characters, repeat this process, selecting a different character from the drop-down menu.
  • To log in to a different account, select the “cancel” option and enter the new account credentials. Follow the same process as before.
  • Wait. Auth will add your key to your account either straight away or after a few minutes, depending on the current queue.

If you require additional help adding all of your ESI tokens please reference the Adding Multiple ESI Tokens guide.

Note: If you ever reset your Eve Password you will also need to resupply your ESI tokens for the characters on the related account.

Help I still can't access stuff!

If for some reason you add your ESI key and you still can't access Test Services do the following

  • Go to your Profile Screen in Auth.
  • On that page under your email address and main character there should be Groups.

If Test Alliance is not listed in your Groups there, then for some reason Auth hasn't looked at your key or hasn't correctly assigned you to the right groups. (Note Test allies who are supposed to have access to Auth will be assigned to the Allies group, not Test Alliance)

  • Go to the API Keys tab at the top of your Profile Screen in Auth
  • Where you see your character listed click Refresh in the rightmost table cell
  • Next click the big red Force Access Update button. This should assign the Test Alliance group to your Auth account and give you access to Test services

Please note that CCP only allows Auth to check your key every 20 minutes, so if it still doesn't work try again in 20 minutes. If the problem persists please seek assistance from your corp leadership and/or HR.

ESI Key Usage

After some concern with key usage by the Auth system, here is a statement of our key usage.

After you give the Auth system your ESI key it will pull all information that you authorized for the selected characters. For each character it will pull Character Sheet to determine what corporation the character is in. It will check once every 24 hours and will perform the request from

ESI information is updated at least once every 24 hours, the server acts as a cache for multiple auth services (including the forums) so you may see multiple requests during the day.

Auth will pull other documents from ESI, but they are special cases and people who this affects will be informed outside of this tutorial. If you are not a Director of a corporation related to TEST then you have nothing further to worry about.

Add your Reddit account

If you are a member of Dreddit, adding a Reddit account is required. For Blues and other TEST members it is optional.

To add your Reddit account:

  • On your profile page, click the “Add a Reddit Account”.
  • Fill in your reddit username and click “Add Account”.
  • There is now a link that will appear to validate you Reddit account. Open a new tab/window, go to Reddit, and log into your Reddit account, and then click that link in order to send a validation message.

If everything was OK, you'll be took back to your profile page with a new entry for your reddit account. Please note reddit accounts can't be deleted and are bound to the account forever.

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