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Fleet Maneuvers

Formations & Tactics Every Member Should Master

Alphabet Warp

  • Create a formation that spreads the fleet out from a warp.

A defense to aoe attacks from chemo, bombers and citadel weaponry. The fleet commander will usually have a light tackle orbit an objective at the fleet's optimal. Then the fleet members are told to use that light tackle as a warp in. Warp in commands are commonly given alphabetically with this tactic, not not exclusively.

Bubble Wall

  • Create a screen of “stop” interdiction bubbles to protect a grid.

This is only a command for dictors and hictors. When told what range, usually at the fleet's optimal gun range, dictors create a wall of bubbles in the direction of a hostile fleet or warp in vector. This causes the hostile forces to either ping somewhere else on grid, losing time, or warp in at a disadvantageous position to them.

Countdown Volleys

  • Inflict high damage in a single instant leaving no time for hostile logistics to respond.

Several doctrines, such as the Muninn, are designed to kill hostiles not though how quickly damage can be put out; rather by putting out all damage at once. The advantage of countdown volleys is the enemy ships die instantly upon being primary making hostile logistic ships useless. Count down volleys are achieved two ways. The more common way is slow target broadcasting which allows all dps ships to have their weapons ready to fire at the same time and only lock time limiting their weapon volleys. The other way to use the countdown volley tactic is to actually count down and have all dps ships activate their weapons at the same time.

ECM Bursting

Comming Soon

Pancake Formation

  • Positioning the fleet on a plane perpendicular to an objective.

Primarily used against citadels, the fleet commander arranges the fleet so the entire fleet is in range of the structure while simultaneously spread out as a defense against structure guided weaponry. How to pancake

Passive Align

  • When a fleet is heading towards a warp out point intentionally, but no Align command was actually issued.

Usually done quietly by the anchor that approaches a warp out spot without the fleet ever really being aware. This works with approach, keep at range and orbit anchoring schemes.
The strength of this tactic is to provide a quick warp out for the fleet should the fleet come under attack from an overwhelming force, hotdrop, bombing run and others. Passive aligning can be done between multiple warp out points so the fleet never leaves an optimal range on the objective while maintaining velocity and transversal while having an out strategy. The weakness is the warp isn't as quick as an align command, so slower aligning doctrines are more prone to being caught off guard.

Rolling Safe

  • Creates a moving safe spot used to keep the fleet together, while bouncing safes, while being actively probed.

In dangerous situations, typically when there is no friendly structures in system, the FC may implement the tactic of rolling a safe spot. Using a safe bookmark on an empty grid the fleet aligns to a microwarpdriving ship in a random direction. The fleet uses the moving ship to constantly warp to when it's more than 150km away. In this way the fleet is always moving, but staying on a safe spot grid at the same time.

Spread Ewar/Tackle

  • Evenly distribute electronic warfare debuffs to a hostile force.

To effectively use electronic warfare and propulsion disruption modules a fleet commander will give the order to spread ewar or spread tackle. The advantage of this force multiplier is to disrupt the hostile fleet as a whole. The recommended way to evenly distribute ewar or tackle modules is by matching the hostile pilots name to your own alphabetically.

Shotgun Signatures

  • A fast way to search and destroy hostile pve ships

This is a must know maneuver for tackle of roaming fleets. The mainline core of the fleet waits on the in gate of a target system. The FC will order the tackle only to jump into the next system and warp randomly to a combat or mining anomaly on their Probe Scanner Results page. The best anomalies to warp to are Colossal or Enormous mining belts, Havens, Sanctums and Forsaken Hubs. The optimal result is the tackle ship will land on an unsuspecting ship, the fleet will jump into system and blow the hostile up.


  • Command Destroyers using the Micro Jump Field Generator to force hostiles off their anchor.

Only tech 2 Command Destroyers can execute this tactic. The command destroyers land upon a hostile force and activate the Micro Jump Field Generator causing the hostile fleet to have up to 24 of it's members now 100km off of their starting position where the command destroyer activated the module. The displaced hostile ships are now at a disadvantage becasue of their new forced ranged to their target. This can make dps ships completely void beacuse now their guns no longer reach the target. Logistics ships are now out of range of their capacitor chain.

Starburst (Non-blops)

  • Create a formation that spreads the fleet out rapidly without having to anchor.

Commonly given as a command when coming out of warp, the fleet immediately gains range from the warp in point. A quick way is to orbit the FC at 20km with a single prop cycle. This formation is used when there are hostile chemo or bombing fleets in system. By spreading out the fleet at it's most vulnerable point of maneuvering insures that if the fleet is aoe attacked at this time the damage is minimal.
*Starburst on blops fleets is a command that has the fleet warp to a random spot and cloak.

Here are some tactics that don't have common names :

Combat Reapproach

  • A cunning gatecamp often employed in non-gatecamp fleets.

This maneuver is achieved when your fleet jumps a stargate into the next system then purposely remains in place with the intention of engaging a hostile fleet that is in pursuit of you. The fleet commander will usually give the order to decloak, deploy drones and stop velocity. When the hostile fleet then jumps into your gatecamp you're in position to tackle and destroy them.

Counter Waterboard Extraction

  • A special align command to counter act pursuing hostile tackle.

This tactic is used when moving a fleet through stargates with hostiles in pursuit. The fleet commander will give the order to align away from the stargate with prop mods on and free fire hostiles. Aligning with prop mods on is used to distance the fleet from the stargate and therefore bubbles, allowing the fleet to warp off without any stragglers being left behind and ganked.


  • An aggressive tackle scheme for disrupting an entire fleet, not just single targets.

Designed specifically for this role, the Ram Jag is optimized to tackle the hostile anchor and therefore slow down the entire fleet. Any tackle ships can attempt ramming, going after specific roles in the hostile fleet like the anchor, back-up anchor, fleet commander and booshing command destroyers.

Others might include : Bouncing, Cold Warping, Crash Gate, Stop Bubbles, Drag Bubbles, Defensive Bubbles, Sling Shoting, Minimizing/Maximizing Transversal, Decloaking.
Blops Applicable : Christmas Lighting, D-Scan Bombing, Multivector Bombing, Shotgun Bombing, Starburst.

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