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Instant Undock


instant Undocking is the act of warping to a bookmark upon undocking from a station or outpost which is positioned such that your ship will immediately enter warp before anyone take action against it

Instant Undock Bookmark

An instant undock is a bookmark you can warp to from the very moment your ship exit station and is in space and ready to be commandeered. A proper instant bookmark is nigh-impossible to counter; only interdiction bubbles can stop these, really.

A proper instant bookmark need to be properly centered with the station's undocking corridor. With proper centering, you will be in warp the moment you hit the bookmark. Without a proper alignment, your ship will have to re-align, if ever so slightly, prior to actually warping. This would make you vulnerable to high scan res ships.. a.k.a insta locking ships etc.

How To Make

Grab the fastest ship you have. Undock and burn away from the undock as straight and true as possible. This is a little harder than it sound. If you pay close attention to your ship post undocking, you'll see it sway to a random vector after a meager few moments of being in space. This random vector is roughly a 10 degree deviation from the original path. It's a magic mini-bump that happens out of nowhere to fuck you up…

What you wanna do is burn away at least 250km from the station, square in the center of the corridor, and bookmark that spot. Ideally, you want several per station. That's being a bit anal but Welcome to EVE™. One within the station's grid, which double as a ghetto perch, then few extras out of grid. The farther off you go, the least precision you'll need in relation to the centering of the undocking corridor.

PROTIP: put a spacebar as the first character of the bookmark name. This way, it's at the top of the menu and is therefore the most easy to click on.

Below is an example of a properly aligned instant undock. This is 700km away from a Gallente Outpost (LIWW / 6VDT / OWXT etc..)

Below is an example of what a FAIL instant undock would look like. Note this example is FAR from being properly aligned with the undocking corridor. It's intentionally SUCKED AS ALL FUCK in order to visually provide a cue of what a fail undock BM is like. Don't use that one. This is the kind of crap you'll get if you mindlessly hit your MWD after undocking. Remember the random bump vector? That's what this is talking about.

Using Your Insta-Undock Bookmark

1. **Acquire awareness!**

Get intel about what's going on outside of the station. Don't be a moron and undock while there are fifty hostiles in the solar system unless you are reasonably sure that the station is clear.

2. **Undock!**

Use the little grill-like icon on the top left of your screen and select Warp To → YOUR UNDOCK BOOKMARK HERE. This is what it could look like. Note the spiffy highlighted horizontal highway that's super easy to click through within 0.1 seconds? That's it!

When you land at your bookmark warp somewhere else. Don't hang around more than you need to. Case in point: Combat Probes deployed right on top of the station, at 0.5 AU range, will land a warp-in on you within 10 seconds. Literally. Instant undock then get out of there.

Notes, Provisos and Disclaimers

  • Do not think that you can beat an interdictor even if he doesn't have a bubble up yet. You generally can but that one time it won't…
  • If you use a proper instant undock bookmark from the moment it is possible, there is nothing, short of a bubble, to stop you from warping away. Bubbles cannot be countered by normal ships; being inside the sphere of influence of a bubble is guaranteed tackling. Only a strategic cruiser (T3) with Interdiction Nullifier module can ignore bubbles. Insta-lock interceptors will nail you if you so much as screw up a fraction of a second in your post-undock reaction time. It can be that tight!
  • You know the moment it's possible to use your instant bookmark when your cursor, upon undocking, turn into the “plus” sign with a square in the middle. It will turn from a black arrow to the plus sign when your ship is done undocking and is ready to be commandeered. You want to instant undock right there and then. You undocked at all because you know there no interdictors on the station because you've read intel, OK?
  • Use the grill-like icon to ensure you don't inadvertently click a random ship or object in space, which will fart the contextual menu you get when you right-click random click-able crap in space. You don't want that; it's full if crap you don't need and none of the shit you want right now.
  • Remember that ships undock from stations on a random vector which can be as much as 10 degrees off from the center of the undock vector. If you are in a ship which is slow to align you may want to stop your ship, wait out the undock session timer, redock and try again. This is why you want to use the instant bookmark from the moment it's possible. Meagre seconds of delay will swing your ship toward this random vector and your instant undock will not be instant at all… the mega scan-res interceptors can nail you right there.
  • Stopping your ship at the undock mean you can hit CONTRL+SPACEBAR ONCE and only ONCE post undocking. Doing anything else than that one move ONCE will auto-magically break your undock invulnerability timer yet your session timer won't bulge a pinch. You'll have to wait the session timer without being invulnerable. You don't want that. instant warp out or stop ONCE and re-dock.
  • Repeated use of the same instant undock bookmark can be dangerous. Warp to it at random ranges and/or make a new one if you suspect that it has been compromised.
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