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Tunnel Rats & Holes.Test

As part of TEST Alliance in the Winter Coalition, we have a SIG called Tunnel Rats focused on finding wormholes to be used by our FCs and members to move quickly throughout New Eden. This could give our fleets strategic advantages and create opportunities for content.

You can find the full Tunnel Rats SIG guide here.

While Tunnel Rats is focused on finding WH connections to/from friendly sov space and potential content, we can also share Combat and Exploration anomalies amongst ourselves inside TEST.

Getting access

Tunnel Rats SIG access

  1. Find “_Tunnel Rats” SIG
  2. Hit Request to join

Access Pathfinder

To access the WinterCo Pathfinder server and Tunnel Rats shared maps:

  1. Go to and sign-in with your EVE credentials.
  2. To access WC Tunnel Rats shared maps, you need to enable alliance shared maps in your Pathfinder settings.
  3. Go to Menu>Account and click on the “Share” tab. Switch “map invite for alliance maps” to “Enable.”

Tunnel Rats Bookmarks

A link to the bookmarks folder can be found in the MOTD of the tunnel rats in-game chat channel.

  1. Open the chat channels window in game
  2. Search for the “WC-TunnelRats” channel
  3. Bookmark folders are linked in MOTD

Optional: Holes.Test bookmarks

If you are scanning but won't be running Combat/Explo sites, you can add them to our Holes.Test bookmarks for others to run.

  1. Open the chat channels window in game
  2. Search for the “Holes.Test” channel
  3. Bookmark folder is linked in MOTD

Using Pathfinder Maps and Bookmarking

Once you're out and scanning, you will want to do two things: Have Pathfinder open and create bookmarks through wormholes or to other anomalies you aren't going to run yourself.

Update Pathfinder

In order to fill in information in Pathfinder, you need to copy/paste info from your Probe Scanner to update the Signatures section.

Other things to keep in mind:

  • When there is a wormhole signature, Pathfinder will let you fill in signature info such as Wormhole ID and where it connects to.
  • Update the connection itself with relevant info by right clicking and setting Mass and Ship Size as needed.
  • Inside wormholes, you can paste Directional Scan info to populate Structures information.
  • Remove expired connections or signatures if you come across any.

If you're not familiar with Pathfinder, check below for some links to guides.

Bookmark Etiquette

For every kind of anomaly bookmark, always set expiry to two days. This prevents having to do cleanup later All of the WH bookmarks should go into Tunnel Rats folder. Combat/Explo bookmarks should go in Holes.Test folder.

Naming WH Bookmarks

Wormhole Entrances: These are for connections leading out of friendly space. To keep bookmarks clear and easily read by others, format connections like this:

 SIG-ID - Size - WH - Region | Class/System

For example:

 SDT-434 L C3
 AGN-657 VL DELVE | YZ9-F6
 VAR-077 C414 Vale | P3EN-E

If you scan down a wormhole and will not have a chance to go through it, bookmark it anyway so someone else can come back and add the details later without needing to scan it down again.

Wormhole Exits: These are for connections leading back to friendly space.

When entering a wormhole for the first time, add a bookmark that simply says “EXIT”. Do the same for any WH that you enter as you travel down a WH chain. This way, you can easily find your why’s home by simply jumping to every bookmark labeled “EXIT,” like a trail of breadcrumbs

Naming Other Signatures

Other signatures such as Combat or Exploration sites should be saved in the Holes.Test folder whether its inside wormholes or around our space. This helps speed up the scanning of anyone coming around after you.

When saving these sigs prefix the bookmark name with a letter to signify the type and leave the rest as is:

  • C - for Combat sites
  • D - for Data sites
  • G - for Gas sites
  • O - for Ore sites
  • R - for Relic Sites


 G BUD-420 Ordinary Perimeter Reservoir
 C VAP-710 Gurista Fortress

TEST Alliance Map


This is our home map. It shows our space in a sort-of Dotlan map layout, try not to disturb the layout too much unless you need to make room for connections. As you're scanning space, copy and paste all signatures. When scanning WHs, also paste dscan of WH structures for intel. Add drifter connections if you come across Unidentified Wormholes in Overview, too.

Feel free to leave connection tracking ON going through our space to track connections automatically

WC-Tunnel Rats

WC-Tunnel Rats Map

Main Tunnel Rats map. This map should be kept mostly clear except for relevant chains to/from friendly sov space.

  • Make sure to turn off map connection tracking (top right) if you have this map active.
  • Ideally, you should be manually replicating the relevant chains from our main map to here.


  1. You're using the TEST map, then you find a connection to enemy space via a wormhole system.
  2. Add the appropriate bookmark chains in the Tunnel Rats bookmarks folder.
  3. Switch over to the Tunnel Rats map and manually add using right click → add system: The friendly sov system → Wormhole system → Enemy space system.
  4. Use Ctrl+click between each system to create connections and set correct Mass/Ship Size.
  5. Report the connection in the WC discord Tunnel Rats channel.

Drifter WHs

Drifter WHs Map

Tunnel Rats map for Drifter connections only. These can also go into the TEST map. If you find drifter holes, match the hole ID and link the system.


  1. You are in XCBK-X and notice Unidentified Wormhole in your Overview
  2. Warp cloaked and at distance to the Unidentified Wormhole (or closer if you plan to go through)
  3. Note the Wormhole ID R259 in the Overview when you are on grid with it
  4. In the Drifter WH map, Right click → add system where you are
  5. Link your system to the R259 system in the pathfinder map using Ctrl+click

Read more about Drifter holes here

Additional resources

Learn more about Wormholes, getting rid of Unwanted Wormholes, or exploration.

Pathfinder guides:

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