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Mining Policy

Spirit of these Rules

The spirit of the rules within this page are to provide a system where rocks are available to all time zones, enable fair ways to make ISK, and prevent cherry-picking. If you interpret these rules in any other way, and attempt to rules lawyer, you will likely be subject to commissar.

These rules only apply to Colossal / Enormous anomalies and Moons.

§1 Rock Mining Rules & Guidelines

  1. Please don't be toxic - This includes arguing in local with blues.
  2. Be courteous to other folks on the field. If no-one complains, then these rules will stay simple and convenient.
  3. Don't try and read between the lines or lawyer these rules, follow them in the spirit of the rules.
  4. It is strongly suggested that you be in the Standing Fleet in game and in the Standing fleet discord comms (Probably baconbar).
  5. Please don't cherry-pick
    • Don't warp around the field constantly for the best rocks
    • Try to mine what is in range of you before relocating
    • The first person to land on a rock gets the rock with the following additions and you may not double up without permission until the anom is out of free rocks (this applies to mining drones as well)
    • Mercoxit can be doubled up on to ensure belts are cleared in a timely manner.
  6. People caught waiting around until the 'trash' ore is gone to mine the good stuff may get their mining license revoked.
  7. Subcaps owned by the same person will be expected to mine the same rock.
    • If you have a rorq and subcaps, you can put your subcaps on a different rock than the rorq.
  8. You should be able to identify who is mining a rock at any time. At a minimum this means you must have turret and launcher effects enabled on a single account. “I don't have turret effects on” will not be an excuse for non-compliance with these rules.

This is a “3 strikes and you are out” policy.

§1 Moon Mining Specific Rules & Guidelines

  1. Please do not use type C Crystals in blue space ever, this will use all 3 strikes instantly and you will be removed from any future mining operations.
  2. If you must use Crystals, please only use Type A I on R64, R32 or R16.
  3. You're not obligated to mine out all of the R4 / R8 before relocating

Please don't be the reason that new rules need to be added, editing these things is annoying.

More info on mining crystals can be found here…

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