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Module Management


Managing your modules may seem like an obvious topic but it not something that should be ignored. Having your modules in the correct location can save you from accidentally activating important modules at the wrong time. Grouping your weapons can assure that you're doing the most damage possible at any given time. Managing your Auto Repeat/Auto Reload can help you not waste ammo or items when your supply is limited. Overloading can push your ships limit to the maximum. Off-lining modules can allow you to fit more on your ship than originally possible.

Moving Modules


Modules can easily be swapped to a variety of different locations, 24 to be exact. To do this, click and hold your mouse button on the module you wish to move and drag it to the desired location.

Note: When relocating modules you will notice that within the grey relocation circles there are pre-defined hotkeys, you may either use these or redefine them in the Options menu.

Weapon Grouping

Weapon Grouping allows you to group weapons, so you can fire them all at once and at the same target. You should pretty much always do this as long as you're sure that you're not over-killing your target. If you're 100% certain your damage will overkill you may want to make multiple weapon groups.

Auto Reload

Auto Reload can be set on or off by right clicking a module that requires charges such as Turrets, Missiles, and some non-combat modules such as Cynosural Field Generator, Capacitor Boosters, Ancillary Repair Modules, and Ancillary Shield Modules.

Auto Repeat

Auto Repeat is a seldom used option with modules. This option basically says that a module will only activate when you manually activate it. This can be useful for modules such as Cynosural Field Generators if you don't want to accidently run it through multiple cycles causing you to sit idle for extended periods of time.


Thermodynamics, also called Heat, Overheating or Overloading, is a game mechanic whereby many active modules can be overloaded beyond their normal capacity, providing greater functionality for a short duration at the cost of incremental damage to your modules.


This is the action of turn a module on your ship on or off. You can do this by right clicking on the specific module you wish to turn on or off.

  • Turning a module off requires nothing
  • Turning a module on requires a certain level of capactior
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