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Tech 2 Manufacturing


Tech 2 manufacturing is for capsuleers who are ready to invest themselves much deeper into industry. You should already have a basic grasp manufacturing Tech 1 items, and have available capital to dedicate in excess of a billion isk. Manufacturing Tech 2 items requires a significant investment in time, skills, and material. However, the opportunity for profit is proportional.

This wiki article will cover the process of Tech 2 manufacturing, and then provide an example case of how to select and manufacture a specific Tech 2 item.

You will find some of the tools in the assembly section helpful.


Manufacturing Tech 2 items has significantly higher skill requirements than manufacturing Tech 1 items. Additionally, the manufacturing process is much more complicated. However, it can be broken down into several distinct steps.

  • Invention - Process to obtain a Tech 2 blueprint copy. While there exists T2 BPOs, they are extremely expensive and will not be covered here.
  • Materials - A much wider variety of materials are required to manufacture Tech 2 items compared to their Tech 1 counterparts, which will have to be sources from a variety of locations - not just ore mining.
  • Assembly - Some of the materials required for Tech 2 manufacturing are other Tech 1 items which must be separately assembled themselves.
  • Manufacturing - Final production of a Tech 2 item.


Additional skill requirements are the first barrier to entry into T2 manufacturing. Each Tech 2 item and component has advanced skill requirements beyond those of Tech 1 items. Before you begin, ensure your character has all the necessary skills to invent and manufacture all required components for your items.


The following skills are needed to unlock specific Tech 2 production skills. One or more will be needed at Level V.

  • CPU Management
  • Power Grid Management
  • Mechanics
  • Science


The following skills are used in invention and manufacturing Tech 2 items.. In general, you will need only two at Level III for each specific item or component.

  • Electromagnetic Physics
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Graviton Physics
  • High Energy Physics
  • Hydromagnetic Physics
  • Laser Physics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Molecular Engineering
  • Nanite Engineering
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Plasma Physics
  • Quantum Physics
  • Rocket Science


The following skills are specific to Tech 2 ship manufacturing and invention. In general, you will only need these trained to Level I, but they may provide bonuses to manufacturing speed.

  • Advanced Industrial Ship Construction
  • Advanced Large Ship Construction
  • Advanced Medium Ship Construction
  • Advanced Small Ship Construction
  • Amarrian Starship Engineering
  • Caldari Starship Engineering
  • Gallentean Starship Engineering
  • Minmatar Starship Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering


Check out the Invention page for more details.

Most Tech 2 BPCs can be bought on contract in Jita if needed. This is generally an expensive option, and to maximize profit it is not recommended.

To invent a Tech 2 blueprint copy, you will need:

  • Tech 1 BPC - Determines the Tech 2 BPC Invented
  • Datacores - Materials consumed in the process
  • Optional- Decryptor - Modifies the stat (ME, TE, Runs) on the final Tech 2 BPC.

None of the attributes for the Tech 1 blueprint matter. A 1 run BPC is reccomended. The ME and TE do not matter.

All invention jobs have a % chance of success, modified by the Decryptor used. All inputs will be consumed and destroyed regardless of success.

Inventing a Ship will generally produce a BPC with 1 run, where as inventing a module will produce a BPC with 10 runs.

It is recommended to use Parity Decryptors when inventing ships, and Accelerant Decryptors to invent modules. Sometimes it may be advantageous to use no decryptor at all. Optimizations can be made at this point by choosing other Decryptors based on their stats. Eve Isk Per Hour can help with this.


Generally all Tech 2 items are manufactured from

  • The Tech 1 item
  • One or more materials
  • One or more manufactured items, manufactured from other materials

These materials are obtained from many sources, such as:

Fortunately, many of these materials are produced locally in null security space where we live. Sourcing these materials yourself or from other alliance members will often be more efficient than importing them directly from Jita.


Before you can build the Tech 2 item, you must first manufacture all of it's components. Tracking all the Materials, Components, BPCs, invention materials, etc. is the main difficulty in conducting Tech 2 manufacturing. Many industrialists use custom built spreadsheets to help manage their manufacturing. However, several tools already exist and are publicly available to help with this.

Finding your own method that works for you is an important part of manufacturing.


This is the final step. Once all your components are assembled, you can finally build your Tech 2 item!


1. Selecting An Item To Produce

The first question after “How do I build something?” is, of course, “What should I build?”. Unfortunately for us, answering the former is infinitely easier than answering the latter. There are many factors when considering what to manufacture, such as:

  • Where do I want to sell my goods?
  • What is in demand where I want to sell my goods?
  • Do I have the skills to build this item and all of it's components, including invention?
  • Where am I sourcing my materials from?
  • How will I transport my materials and finished products?

To answer these questions, lets start imagining we want to produce something for sale locally in Vale of the Silent. We know that the Rats there are primarily weak to Kinetic damage, and drone ships are commonly used in ratting. When we take this knowledge and check the market history for Wasp IIs, we can see that they have a very high rate of movement and sell for a good price. Using Eve Isk Per Hour, we can see that it's possible to produce Wasp IIs and generate a significant profit.

2. Obtaining BPCs

Looking at the Wasp II BPC, we can see we need the following to manufacture it. Bolded items are manufactured.

Material Quantity
Guidance Systems 6
Robotics 6
Morphite 6
Superconductor Rails 3
Wasp I 3
R.A.M.- Robotics 1

Additionally from the Wasp II BPC, we can see we need the following to invent it:

Materials Amount
Datacore - Electronic Engineering 3
Datacore - Mechanical Engineering 3

Additionally, we chose to skip using a decryptor because we gain no benefits from the small ME savings or +Runs from any of them.

Therefore, we can purchase BPOs for the following and research them to ME10:

  • Wasp I
  • Superconductor Rails
  • R.A.M.- Robotics

Before researching the Wasp I BPO, we can create a large amount of 1 run BPCs to use in invention, because the ME does not affect the Tech 2 BPC.

3. Logistics

Next we need to decide where we will do our manufacturing and how we will move our materials around. You can use the Production Assets wiki page to see what production infrastructure is available to the alliance. Additionally, jump bridges will help you safely transport your goods. From here we can see that the N-HSK0 outpost provides significant savings on material efficiency, the AZBR-2 outpost provides good bonuses to invention, and is linked by a jump bridge. Additionally, AZBR-2 is only one jump from our desired market in TVN, so these systems make obvious choices.

Next, we will be importing some goods from Jita. We can use the Alliance Freight Service for this. Otherwise, we will move our goods in a blockade runner, which we will scout with our alt.

4. Sourcing Materials

Because our Wasp II is manufactured from several component parts, we need to determine all of the raw materials we will need to manufacture it completely. Factoring in the savings from using N-HSK0 and fully researched BPOs, we determine these are the following items, and decide to obtain them thusly:

Material Quantity Source
Tritanium 5561 Buy Locally
Pyerite 1004 Buy Locally
Mexallon 190 Buy Locally
Isogen 112 Buy Locally
Titanium Carbide 80 Buy Locally
Nocxium 55 Buy Locally
Fullerides 29 Purchase on forums
Zydrine 16 Buy Locally
Morphite 6 Buy Locally
Guidance Systems 6 Import from Jita
Robotics 6 Import from Jita
Hypersynaptic Fibers 3 Import from Jita

Sourcing materials cheaply the key to large savings when manufacturing Tech 2 items. Above are just some of the options we have for sourcing materials.

5. Inventing & Manufacturing

Managing the correct ratios of BPCs, materials, and components is another difficulty of Tech 2 manufacturing. Most manufacturers use a spreadsheet or external tool to keep track of materials, because keeping accurate records and having the required materials on hand is very difficult.

For example, for a batch of 100 Wasp IIs, we know we need 100x the materials listed in the previous step. We also need copies for 100x the required components.

Finally, we also need to invent 100 Wasp IIs worth of BPCs. With approximately a 40% chance to invent each 10 run BPC, we can estimate we will need to invent (100 / 10 / 0.4) = 25 Wasp I BPCs. So we will need 25 sets of datacores. Invent them in AZBR, move them to N-HSK0, etc.

Finally with the materials sourced, components manufactured, and BPCs invented, we can build our Wasp IIs and move them to TVN for sale to sell to filthy ratters.

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