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Description Communication system for TEST
Maintainer(s) - Chronological Order Amatta Lols (Original creator) Retired Devs
Other IT Services Link


Because there are issues with xmpp as a whole: lack of good mobile clients, lack of carbons, etc. It would seem that we're more and more moving towards a mobile devices world relying on xmpp is no longer desired by our users.

Getting started

  1. Click this invitation link , which will lead you to the landing channel, #unwashed-masses.
  2. In Discord, type !auth and click the | link
  3. Follow the instructions in your browser
  4. Copy and paste the whole string, i.e. !auth 8936267gsuyifd97s89 and paste it in #unwashed-masses.
  5. Done.


As of today there are two official alliance run bots, madmin and relay:

  • relay provides relay services between jabber and discord
  • madmin provides the integration with Auth and offers management capabilities

Chat bots

Bots not run by the alliance are welcome in the more social/public channels but are barred from being in the sensitive channels. Access for chat bots can be revoked at any time for any reason.

madmin commands

Command Example Description
!roles - List roles that can be toggled.
!join <role> !join games Enable a role.
!part <role> !part games Disable a role.
!topic “<topic>” !topic “Kick SUAD” Set the channel's topic.

madmin commands should be used in #botcommands

Language specific channels

There are a couple of language specific channels:

  • chinese
  • french
  • german
  • japanese
  • spanish

Each of those has a role attached to it that will allow you to participate in that channel, example:

  • !join french
  • !part french
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