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Description Communication system for TEST
Maintainer(s) - Chronological Order Amatta Lols (Original creator) Retired Devs
Other IT Services Link


Because there are issues with xmpp as a whole: lack of good mobile clients, lack of carbons, etc. It would seem that we're more and more moving towards a mobile devices world relying on xmpp is no longer desired by our users.

Getting started

  1. Follow the instructions in your browser.
  2. Done.
  3. If your channels do not update, go to , then click EVE API KEYS and then click the red UPDATE ACCESS button


As of today there are two official alliance run bots, madmin and relay:

  • relay provides relay services between jabber and discord
  • madmin provides the integration with Auth and offers management capabilities

Chat bots

Bots not run by the alliance are welcome in the more social/public channels but are barred from being in the sensitive channels. Access for chat bots can be revoked at any time for any reason.

madmin commands

Command Example Description
!roles - List roles that can be toggled.
!join <role> !join games Enable a role.
!part <role> !part games Disable a role.
!topic “<topic>” !topic “Kick SUAD” Set the channel's topic.

madmin commands should be used in #botcommands

For help, use !join it-office.

Language specific channels

There are a couple of language specific channels:

  • chinese
  • french
  • german
  • japanese
  • spanish

Each of those has a role attached to it that will allow you to participate in that channel, example:

  • !join french
  • !part french
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