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Jump Clones


One of the benefits of living in sovereign nullsec is the ability to place jump clones at stations you can dock in (unless, of course, someone has knocked out stations services in the system you're in). This can allow you to populate clones around New Eden with relative ease. This can help speed up your travel and generally make your life more convenient. The skills affecting jump clones are Infomorph Psychology (one clone available per level), Infomorph Synchronizing (reduces the cooldown by 1hr per level), and Advanced Infomorph Psychology (requires training Infomorph Psychology to V, gives an additional clone per level).

Installing a Jump Clone

To install a clone at a station, first check if you are either:

  • In a sovereign 0.0 station with good standings (or in the alliance holding said station).
  • In any NPC-owned station.

If you meet these criteria, you can press the Clone Bay icon, and select “Install Jump Clone” from the menu, towards the bottom. There will be a nominal fee of 900,000 ISK. Note that you can only install a clone at a station with medical facilities. Think of clone installation as “growing a new body here.” The new body will be free of implants (a “clean clone”).

Jump Clone Mechanics

After installing your first jump clone, you can either leave your new body “on ice” (that is, dormant) at the station you just installed, or jump immediately to it.

Important: jumping to a jump clone can only be done once per 19-24 hours, depending on skills. In order to jump, you must first exit your ship (be in a pod) and pause your skill queue. Always remember to restart your skill queue once you're in your new location, or you will waste valuable training time.

When jump cloning within the same structure, it does not activate the jump clone timer. This can be useful for hopping between implant sets or no implants when fleets are called or for certain activities.

Any number of jump clones can be installed in different stations; there is no cooldown on installation. However, it is important to note that you can only have one body on ice in any given location. Attempting to jump clone (“JC”) out of a station at which you already have a clone will result in the destruction of the body currently on ice, and all implants plugged into it.

Jump Clone Strategies and Uses

  • Jump clones at sov 0.0 stations with assets

Given the ever-present possibility of getting locked out of stations at which you hold assets in sovereign nullsec space, you can place jump clones throughout the stations you have significant assets in. This will allow you to JC to those stations and remain docked in order to manage your assets. JCs cannot be destroyed by the station owner, which is in contrast to medical clones which can be reset away from a station.

  • Staying where you want to be

Important: when using such clones, remember to reset your home station to the current area when you are doing things there. Failing to do so will result in losing your clone in that area on pod death. The reason for this is the difference between jump clones and medical clones. Jump clones are clones stored on ice at remote stations, whereas your home station, or medical clone, is where you will awaken after pod death. Consider the case below:

  • Player A, a member of Giant Robot Factory, is a responsible and meticulous player. Player B, a member of Dreddit, is generally slovenly and lacks foresight.
  • Players A and B both install a clean clone in TEST staging, and proceed to fly out to Fountain to engage in friendly battle with the local residents.
  • Upon docking in Fountain's NPC space, Player A remembers to set his home station to Fountain in case he should experience some misfortune while there. Player B does not.
  • Players A and B both ship large amounts of expensive assets out to Fountain.
  • Player A gets caught by a gate camp and is podded, and dutifully reports the enemy fleet comp in intel. He awakens in his medical clone and reships for revenge.
  • Player B ignores the intel report and dies in the same gate camp while raging in local. Having neglected to reset his home station, he awakens back in TEST staging, some 50 or so jumps away.
  • Player B decides to play Chivalry instead and firesales all assets in Fountain rather than fly back out there a second time.

TL:DR Summary

Put your death clone in the current staging.

Have an empty jump clone slot where you krab (Such as D-PNP9). You will be flying around D-PNP9 with implants in your head.

When the call goes out for a fleet, install a new, empty clone in D-PNP9. Jump to it (Jump cloning to the citadel you currently are in does not trigger a jump clone timer). Your head is now empty.

Self-destruct your pod (there's a button to do this from the cloning service window). You wake-up in staging with an empty head.

If you want implants on your fleet, they should be in a jump clone in staging. Jump to this clone after you've deathcloned to staging. You do this after you deathclone because it is yet another free jump.

Go on the fleet. If you die, you wake up in staging and are ready to be part of any reinforcements.

When you're done running fleets for the day, jump to your clone with implants in D-PNP9. If you swapped to clone with implants while you were in staging this will destroy your empty-head clone in staging (the one what was created when you originally deathcloned). This is also the point where you actually get a jump clone timer.

If something comes up while you still have your jump clone timer, you can still deathclone back to staging and wait out your jump clone timer there.

Lastly, there are multiple citadels in staging (and D-PNP9) that you can use to store clones with specific implant sets. When you want to use that set, fly to the citadel and switch for free.

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