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Market Hubs


Market hubs are centralized player-run markets. They generally have the baseline price for products, with prices getting higher and higher the farther you are away from a market hub – reaching their peak in 0.0 space. More importantly, they have a far broader range of available products available than most areas of space.

It is always a good idea to have at least one throw-away market alt that does nothing but sit in a station at a high traffic system, for checking prices, selling/buying items that you need, or playing the market. An informed consumer is a smart consumer. Eve-Central is a web site that does this for you, but their prices are often out of date by hours or days, sometimes drastically so –nevertheless, that site is still a good baseline for when you are in a hurry or feeling lazy.

Typically, each Empire region will have its own main market hub station with maybe one or two smaller hubs located in a system with a lot of mission agents.

Major Hubs

Geographic AreaRegionSystem(s)Comments
Northern EmpireThe ForgeJita-Perimeter-NiyabainenCaldari space, biggest hub in game. Lots of markets (like moon mineral and tech two components) only exist in Jita. See also Sobaseki, Motsu.
Eastern EmpireHeimatarRensMain Minmatar space hub
Western EmpireSinq LaisonDodixeMain Gallente space hub
Southern EmpireDomainAmarr-PenirgmanMain Amarr space hub, see also Kor-Azor Prime, Tash-Murkon Prime, Dresi

Regional Hubs

Geographic AreaRegionSystem(s)Comments
Northern EmpireThe CitadelKaunokkaN/A
Northern EmpireThe CitadelMotsu3 jumps from Jita
Northern EmpireThe CitadelIsaziwaN/A
Northern EmpireLonetrekSobasekiAdjacent to Jita
Northern EmpireLonetrekNonniN/A
Northern EmpireLonetrekTorrinosAdjacent to EC-P8R in Pure Blind
Western EmpireSinq LaisonDodixie-AuvergneProbably the largest hub in Gallente space
Western EmpireSinq LaisonJelN/A
Western EmpireEssenceOursulaert-RenynN/A
Western EmpirePlacidOrvolleAdjacent to PF-346 in Syndicate
Western EmpirePlacidStacmonN/A
Western EmpireSolitudeOctanneveYes, people live in Solitude.
Western EmpireVerge VendorAlentene-CistuvaertN/A
Eastern EmpireHeimatarPatorDirectly adjacent to a Minmatar starting station in Ammold
Eastern EmpireMetropolisHekAlso happens to be the only entrance, highsec or otherwise, to the Minmatar COSMOS constellation.
Eastern EmpireMolden HeathGelfiven-Teonusude3 jumps from Pator.
Southern EmpireDomainMistaClosest highsec system to R3-K7K, a station system in Providence.
Southern EmpireKhanidAgilClosest highsec station system to the famed Keberz-HED-GP highsec-to-0.0 jump.
Southern EmpireKadorDresi4 jumps from Amarr.
Southern EmpireKor-AzorKor-Azor PrimeAdjacent to Amarr, also sits on the direct Amarr-Agil route.
Southern EmpireTash-MurkonTash-Murkon Prime2 jumps from Amarr.
Southern EmpireTash-MurkonEsaClosest station system to a highsec-0.0 jump, Kari-Y-MPWL in Providence.
Southern EmpireDerelikJarizzaN/A

(feel free to add here, these are only examples)

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