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Abyssal Deadspace Advanced

This page is still under construction. Please ignore.

Doing your own research

If you're going to seriously run Abyss as a main source of income, then at this point, it's important that you are at least semi-independent and capable of doing your own research to figure out how to progress in Abyss without relying on a prewritten and static guide or wiki. Your skills are different from mine, and most fits are likely a little bit off or use a ship hull that you are not well trained into. Some ships + fits are just too expensive and you want to explore other options, possibly non-standard options. So, how can you become independent and figure things out for yourself? Here's a quick guide on how to make your own Abyssal Deadspace fits. Obviously, this is at your own risk.


These are the things and resources you will need in order to start making your own fits or create variants of preexisting fits

  • Abyssal Tracker - A website that tracks Abyssal clears through player contributed data/reports
  • Pyfa - Tool which I highly suggest you fall in love with because it will make creating your own fits so much nicer
  • Sisi - The Eve test server
Abyssal Tracker

On this website, players submit their own abyssal runs. They include information on what ship and fit's they use, which tier they ran, which filament type (weather), the time taken, and the loot they got. This site is invaluable in conducting your own research on what ships and fits are possible to bring in each filament of any tier and any weather type.

Go to Fits and you can search for whatever ship and fit you want.

Also check out Runs to verify that a ship and fit you're planning on using has been used before.


After you find a fit that interests you, copy the EFT and import it into Pyfa. You likely have some modules that you can't use due to lack of skills. I will briefly explain how to make modifications to a fit using Pyfa.

Right click the module in the fit you're interested in changing. Select Module Stats. Select the Compare tab. Expand the box so you can see more stuff. From here, you can see all the relevant aspects for the module that you want to change. You can also see how it stacks up against all the other variants of the module. I want to especially draw your attention to the very right column, price. Pyfa tries to keep up to date prices from the game via API's. You can be pretty confident these are more or less accurate. An example image is shown below. Use this window to plan and consider what variant of the module you want to use instead of the original. Also consider how much you're willing to spend.

Once you find an appropriate substitute, close the “Module stats:XXX” window and right click the module you want to change in the fitting. Select Variations > the module you want instead. This way, you don't need to search the module name up in the Market tab of Pyfa, just a small quality of life tip.

Singularity Test Server AKA Sisi

After you've made your new shiny fit, you probably wanna make sure it works first. You can use the Singularity test server to test your ship and fit with your own character skills without risking ISK.

On the Eve Launcher, click Tranquility in the bottom right corner and change it to Singularity. After you log in, open the regional market and look for a station which sells items and modules (literally any item or module just pick one) for 100 ISK. There should be around 100,000 units for sale at that price. Move to the closest station and set it as your home station. <image>

Once docked in the station, import your fit and use multibuy to purchase everything. It should be very cheap considering everything only costs 100 ISK. Also don't forget to buy the filament you'll be running for 100 ISK each as well.

Troubleshooting Sisi

I dont have the skills I need to run this fit, but I do on Tranquility.

Type the following in local chat, it will sync your skills from Tranquility to your character on Sisi:


I don't have any money to buy the things I need

If you have no money to get started, you will need to commit some insurance fraud. Find the most expensive ship you can fly and pay insurance on (don't forget about pirate or faction ships). Buy the hull for 100 ISK, insure it (the insurance cost may be quite high depending on the ship you chose) then undock and self destruct. Collect the insurance payout and repeat the process until you have a decent wallet to fund whatever you need to test.

The Research Process

So, how do we actually use all these tools together. Let's work through a hypothetical example to see how you would advance in the Abyss and git gud.

I've had a Worm for a while and have been running T1 Abyssals. I'm getting pretty comfortable in T1's and want to move up to T2 for more ISK/hour. First, is it even worth it for me to move up a tier? Well, Abyss Tracker shows you how much the average take is per ship hull type for each tier. Looking at the chart below, moving into a cruiser in T2 wouldn't make much sense. There's basically no gain. Destroyers would be ok, but that Frigate income is so much better!

<abyss chart>

Ok, so if possible, I'd like to run T2's in a Frigate. Lets see if it's even possible first and check if there's been successful runs before. On Abyss Tracker's Runs, I'll search for Tier 2 and Frigate sized hulls only.

<frigates yes>

Yup! Frigates have been run in this before. Not only that, but the Worm seems to work as well which is perfect since I have a Worm already. I'll pick a run and see what Fit they used

With these three tools, you should be able to do anything you want. Find whatever ships and fits you want off Abyssal Tracker, check if they've been used before, tweak them for your own skills and abilities in Pyfa, then test them out on Sisi before risking your hard earned ISK in the real server.


Red is shieldbooster

White is speed 300% vel -50 inertia

Blue is 300% signature radius penalty <image>

Logs and Messages

Combat logs can help you understand the fight and what you're taking damage from. You can use that information to make decisions on how far to orbit, should you use a prop mod, etc. Follow the instructions to setup your logging properly.

Go to Neocom Menu > Utilities > Logs and Messages > Combat Settings.

Check the boxes for everything. You can remove them later on if you find that you don't need the information.

Fast warp out after Abyssal

This should allow you to effectively insta-warp. After leaving Abyssal space, you become invulnerable and cannot be targeted. However, you are not cloaked as you would be when jumping through a stargate or wormhole. Because you are not cloaked, you can actually cycle your modules. This enables a sort of fast warp mechanic which you can use to enter warp extremely quickly, reducing the time a camper has to lock and scram you.

After coming out of Abyssal space, do not touch anything. Right click your destination and hover over BUT DO NOT CLICK the “Jump”, “Warp” or “Dock” option. Cycle prop mod once. When the prop mod finishes about 70-75% of it's cycle, initiate your warp away by clicking the Jump command you were hovering over.

You should align and warp off basically instantly if you're in a frigate. Mileage may vary when using destroyers or cruisers.

Tier Specific Strategies and Guides

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