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Hey, since it became painfully obvious that people have no clue about this i thought id write a small guide on refitting mechanics and how they should be used ingame to improve your quality of live and fleet performance.


You are able to refit in space whenever:

  • You are within 5000m of another ship with a ship maintenance bay or close to a mobile depot. So any Capital (no freighters) and Nestors.
  • You don't have an aggression timer (one minute red timer counting from your last offensive action)

This means you can refit even in warp when sharing a warp tunnel with a fellow cap. As a cap you cant refit of your own maintenace bay, you need a buddy. To refit simply drag and drop modules into your fitting like you would in a Station.


Now that we know how to refit, lets talk about the benefits of it.

These are the two base, must have refits that should be in every capital without exeptions

Travel Fit:

Capitals suffer from an atrociously long align time. Thats why every capital should have a 500MN Microwarpdrive (i usually prefere the compact due to CPU constraints on shield ships) and up to 3 T2 Intertial Stabilizers (most shield can do with one). Yes this is an undersized MWD that is meant to be used with battleships and it will only increase our speed by a small margin but our acceleration is increased and when the MWD shuts of after a cycle our slightly increased top speed is set back to normal. This acceleration bonus combined with the higher top speed means we can align all standard capitals within the 10 seconds of a 500MN WMD Cycle.

This is how its done in detail:

  1. Be align fit when travelling and not expecting a fight immediately…..
  2. Issue the Warp command to your desired destination
  3. Preoverheat your microwarpdrive (you can skip this step if you know you can align with an unoverheated cycle with the amount of istabs you have fittet)
  4. Pulse your microwarpdrive,
  5. Immediatly cycle red on your microwarpdrive. You can also set auto repeat off for this module if you want
  6. Your speed will now increase using the boosted acceleration and top speed. Once your MWD cycle finishes your top speed will be lowered and you should immediately enter warp since your speed should exceed 3/4 of your normal top speed.

There also is a nice variant on the travel fit where everyone fits low slot hyperspatials. But this may be talked about at another time.

Cap(acitor) Fit

You bring as many T2 Capacitor Power relays and Cap Rechargers as you have modules in your mids and lows fit that arent Capital sized. So for all invulns, shield hardeners , drone navs, boost amps, tracking comps etc. you want a Cap Recharger and for all your PDSs, Damage mods, lowslot tracking mods, Damage Controle, armor hardeners, eanm etc. you want a Capacitor Power Relay to refit. For example this Max Rep fit Fax. only the cap booster and shield booster ramain in the mids becasue they are capital sized mods. All lows are small mods, so they got replaced.

You may have noticed that several mods are offline in this picture. This happens if you replace PDSs from the lows since your powergrid output drops. Make sure to reonline them when fitting back to a proper combat fit. When refitting of another capital onlining mods doesnt cost capacitor, it cant be done in warp though

This is done to quickly get back up to jump cap if we arent in an immediate combat situation. Remember all these people that arent at jump cap after we have been sitting on a grid for 10 minutes? They are bads and should feel bad. But dont you worry if you have been one of them. We were all bads in the past. Now you now better and you too can be ready to jump again quickly.

Do not travel ever while in cap fit, you are papertanked and will die to even a small gang very very very fast.

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