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How do I sell my DED escalations with the new Shared Bookmarks system?

You've probably noticed by now that you can no longer drag bookmarks to the item hangar for sale by contract. OH SHIT.


It is still possible to sell your escalations, and without too much effort, especially once you know how the system works.

Here is a picture-only version if you want to share with someone in Legacy:


The first step is still to bookmark the location, which must be done the same way as before: fly to the gate and save the location. When you save them, be sure it's in a folder where you have access to move them. Your personal folder works quite nicely. In addition, you can now set them to be deleted automatically:

New bookmark interface, including exipration settings


Open “People & Places”, select the “Locations” tab and create a folder (NOT a subfolder) and name it something memorable. I suggest the system and escalation level, maybe the expiration time of the escalation. Folders can have their permissions edited, subfolders cannot. This will come into play later. Set the folder to shared and (for the time being) place at least an admin access group. We'll edit it later.


Drag and drop the location into the new folder. Now you are ready to sell. Just go to the Alliance or Trade chats and provide the usual information. It's up to you how to run it (first PM gets it, first to X in chat, etc)


You have a willing (and very likely eager) buyer. Time to create an access list! To do this, either create a shortcut in the options menu and use that, or the window can be found in the Neocom under “Social”. In the lower left, click “+ New Access List”, give it a name and a description if desired, and then click “Create Access List”.


Once you have created the new Access List, select it and drag the player's picture into the open area on the right. To give them admin rights, you can then drag their name to the tiles in the upper right and change their permissions. No real reason to do this for selling escalations, but it's an option. You can also use the player search in the lower right.

New Access List detail

Note: If you create the list and remove yourself, the list will disappear. If someone else has admin, they will inherit the list, but you will not be able to use that list for viewing permissions.


Right-click the folder you created and select “Edit Folder”. This will allow you to set Admin Access to the new Access List you created. After a 2-minute delay, the person(s) on that list will be able to drag the bookmark to their own personal folder and it will be theirs exclusively!

Alternatively, you can set View Access to the new Access List you created, and then drag the folder into a chat window for them to connect to. Once they have connected, they will be able to use (but not edit or delete) the bookmark.

Linking a shared folder to the buyer. Drag and drop!


Once the folder has been created, and you have been given access, you will need to connect to the folder.

- In the case of View Access, the folder will be at the top level, all you need to do is right-click and select “Connect” (in this example, the folder named “QS-530” is View Access). DO NOT DISCONNECT from this folder until you have either used it, or made your own personal bookmark of the location. You can connect to 3 folders at a time, but unless your level of permission is higher than “View”, you will not be able to access the bookmark unless an admin links it to you again.

- In the case of Admin Access, the folder will be listed under “Shared Folders With Admin Access” with a 2-minute delay. Once it appears, you will always be able to see it, and connect to it at will, and for that matter edit it should the need arise. If you frequently purchase bookmarks from high-volume sellers, you might consider keeping a personal folder with admin rights active, and simply connect/disconnect at will.

Once connected to a View Access folder (or at any time for an Admin Access folder) you can open up the Folder Information, which also gives you an option to connect/disconnect.

Connecting to folders for access to shared bookmarks

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