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Moon Mining

AKA “Moon Goo”

Moon mining is the process of extracting material goods from moons. In Eve, this is accomplished by achoring a Refinery structure in orbit around a minable moon. The refinery must then be fitted with a Stand Up Moon Drill. The Moon Drill carves out large chunks of the moon and pulls them into space. These large chunks are then exploded, which creates an asteroid field. Capsuleers then mine these asteroids with special moon specific materials in them.

If you intend on particpating in some moon mining yourself, make sure you read the rules.


  1. A Refinery anchored and depoyed at the Upwell Moon Mining Beacon in orbit around the moon
    1. A Standup Moon Drill
  2. Survey Probe Launcher
    1. 1x Survey Probes for each moon you intend to survey
  1. A conventional mining ship or frigate

Probing and Scanning

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