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In Eve online, you can have up to three characters attached to your account. These characters are known as Alts. While you can only have one skill training at a time across all of your characters, they are still a useful asset when used correctly. Alts can also refer to characters you own on separate accounts, although these are more of “secondary mains”.

Getting your Alt into Dreddit

  1. Add your alt's API key to your Auth account (see: Adding Your ESI Key). That's straight in your Auth front page (once logged in) in the “Eve API Keys” section.
  2. In the HR Section of your Auth page, submit an application for your alt to Dreddit. To do this, click on the “HR” link on top, then click on “Create a application”. (No recommendation is needed: HR guys will see via your Auth API keys that you already have a pilot in the corp and accept it as an alt application.)
  3. Apply for an invitation to Dreddit in game after you have been accepted in Auth.
  4. Wait for an invitation to be extended to you.
  5. Accept the invitation.
  6. Done!

It can take several days for your application to be processed, so please be patient.



The only difference in races is what racial frigate you get, and what turret weapon you have. Everything else is the same. This can lead to a variety of alts that are uniquely focused on a specific area and able to get there relatively quickly. This applies to both quick alts and long term, highly focused characters (like capital ship pilots). Unfortunately, quick-alts will require several days of training away from your main.

It should also be noted that all characters start with Science III, meaning you can train Cybernetics I in a matter of a couple of minutes and plug +3 implants in.


This information is relevant to trade and other non-combative alts.

Your Alt is in no way connected to your Main. You want to keep it that way. While you will spend your time in high-sec, if our enemies work out who your Alt is, they may suicide attack your ship if they think it will be worth it. Do not set personal standings towards anyone. A director of a corp can (I assume) see that you hate them, and quickly work out that you are an Alt for one of their enemies. Do not even set TEST to good standings, while our security is good your identity may be revealed. You want to remain a faceless individual who comes and goes without being noticed.

Do not talk in any chat channel ever. Keep yourself to yourself. Don't ever tell Hoegaarden the name of your Alt or he will post screenshots so you have to delete them and start fresh ones. Do not switch between Alt and Main in the same system. Someone watching Local may notice your Alt logoff, you logon, you logoff, then your Alt logon again. Instant red flag, and it doesn't take a genius to put one and one together.

Liquidate yourself regularly. It takes 10 Hours to delete an Alt. Have one spare slot free and change alts every couple of months. Either sell all your stuff, or contract it to your main to be sent back to your next Alt. Don't forget your bookmarks.

Basic skills

For all but throwaway alts, you probably want these to III (unless otherwise noted)

  • Spaceship Command
  • Cybernetics (I for +3s, IV for +4s)
  • Infomorph Psychology
  • Engineering
  • Navigation
  • Afterburner
  • High Speed Maneuvering
  • Evasive Maneuvering

Alt Possibilities

For a list of common, and useful alts from all professions of Eve check out the Skill Plans page.

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