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Cruisers are more expensive and slower than frigates, but have more tank, more DPS and are significantly more versatile in fitting and roles. They are useful for Level 2 and some Level 3 missions, as heavy tacklers and affordable PvP ships.

Hull size: Medium.

Approximate cost, average fit: 3-10 million isk.

Tech 1

Type Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar

Maller Moa Thorax Stabber
Omen Caracal Vexor Rupture
E. War Arbitrator Blackbird Celestis Bellicose
Logistics Augoror Osprey Exequror Scythe



Faction Ship
Angel Cartel Cynabal
Blood Raiders Ashimmu
Gurista Pirates Gila
Mordu's Legion Orthrus
Sansha's Nation Phantasm
Serpentis Vigilant
Sisters of EVE Stratios


Type Triglavian Collective
Combat Vedmak
Logistics Rodiva

Tech 2

Some T2 cruisers perform specialized roles corresponding to their T1 counterparts. Others have unique abilities such as evading directional scan or disallowing nearby ships from warping or jumping.


Type Triglavian Collective
Logistics Zarmazd

Tech 3

Rather than a standardized slot and hardpoint layout, each tech 3 cruiser gets to choose 5 subsystems to put on the empty hull. These subsystems determine what bonuses the ship will have, how many slots, how many hardpoints, and all sorts of fun things. The subsystems can be stripped by repackaging the ship, and then replaced with different subsystems, making tech 3 cruisers extremely versatile.

Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar
Legion Tengu Proteus Loki Guide

Special Edition

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