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The Adrestia is a high-powered blaster platform specially commissioned for the 8th Alliance Tournament. While similar to its sister vessel the Deimos (on which its design was based), this ship nonetheless differs in some very important ways. Utilizing lightweight alloys and a prototype form of ion thruster, the Adrestia is capable of reaching truly mind-boggling speeds for a heavy assault vessel. While this makes it less sturdy than its predecessor, the lack of defensive plating is compensated for by state-of-the-art targeting systems, thoroughly optimized weapon hardpoints and upgraded warp scrambling capability. Don't let the lack of defense fool you; very few vessels out there can stand against the Adrestia toe to toe.


A set of 50 ships were given to the over-all winners of the 8th Alliance Tournament, Pandemic Legion.

Gallente Cruiser bonuses (per skill level):

  • 20% bonus to Medium Hybrid Turret damage
  • 20% bonus to Warp Scrambler and Warp Disruptor optimal range

Role Bonus:

  • 50% bonus to Medium Hybrid Turret falloff
  • 25% bonus to Medium Hybrid Turret tracking speed
  • 25% bonus to ship max velocity


  • Gallente Cruiser V
    • Spaceship Command III
    • Gallente Destroyer III
      • Gallente Frigate III
        • Spaceship Command I
  • Heavy Assault Cruiser I
    • Energy Grid Upgrades V
      • Power Grid Management II
      • Science I
    • Weapon Upgrades V
      • Gunnery II
    • Spaceship Command V
    • Capacitor Management IV
      • Power Grid Management III
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