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EVE Online

A spaceship game for nerds

This article is still a work in progress.

This is a general guide to the basics of EVE: Online. Here you will take your first steps in EVE. You'll read about the various races, get started with the in-game tutorial and choose your first EVE career.

Getting Started

Create your pilot

EVE: Online has four races to choose from. Each race has three bloodlines. Choosing a race in EVE is cosmetic only. You are free to train into whatever race's ships you wish. Choosing a bloodline decides what NPC corporation you will first join and what star system you begin play in.

Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar
Viziam Achura Gallente Brutor
Khanid Civire Intaki Sebiestor
Ni-Kunni Deitis Jin-Mei Vherokior

The EVE Tutorial

Completing all the basic tutorials is strongly recommended. There are a number of topics in EVE that will be more difficult to grasp if you skip them. After you complete the basic tutorial you can work for the Career Agents. They are NPC characters that assign you a number of missions (think quests if you are a WoW nerd) that will help guide you through the various careers of EVE. Completing the Career tutorials will make it far easier to follow our more advanced guides on the wiki.

Still need some help? Check out some Frequently Asked Questions.

Choosing a career

EVE: Online is an open ended sandbox game. This means that barring skills trained, you can do anything in the game, any time, anywhere. One of the issues new EVE pilots run into is analysis paralysis. EVE is so large and complex that many players cannot ever decide what they want to do. Focusing your pilot into a career and choosing skills to specialize in will make the game more fun for you.


  • Manufacture.
    • Tech 1 Ships and modules
    • Invent blueprints for Tech 2 ships and modules
  • Harvest resources.

Business and Trade

  • Station trade
  • Import to TEST staging systems
  • Haul goods between trade hubs



EVE at it's heart is a PVP game. In every facet of the game, you will be competing with other players in some way. PVP is not just shooting your guns at other ships. It's competing with other players for business on the market, being the first to find a lucrative NPC complex to complete, beating another player to looting a shipwreck, using scanner probes to scare off competition when exploring. The varieties of PVP are myriad and endless.

Commonly, PVP with TEST is Nullsec Fleet Warfare. Fleets are a group of pilots in specialized ships that support each other in combat. The ship classes that TEST fleets need are:

  • Tackle. Small, fast ships designed to grapple with big ships and prevent them from escaping.
  • Electronic warfare. Ships equipped with modules that negatively impact the enemy fleet. An enemy ship that can't target anyone is a useless ship!
  • DPS. The fleet's main ship killers.
  • Logistics. Healers. They are the backbone of the fleet. They keep you alive.
  • Support. Specialty ships that act as force multipliers.
  • Covert Ops. These ships can warp while invisible and use area of effect bombs to severely damage large numbers of ships at once.
  • Capital ships. Huge, super expensive ships with jump drives (able to teleport between systems without using stargates). They come in many flavours, most of them do shooting in some form or another, but some do healing (like logistics but on a much bigger scale). The biggest capital ships, known as supercapitals also have super cool AoE weaponry. Plus all capitals are much harder to tackle than subcaps.

Besides fleet warfare, there are a multitude of other ways to PVP.

  • Solo gate camping
  • Suicide ganking highsec players
  • Hunting enemy ratters
  • Being dropped on things via jump portal
  • Camping on enemy stations or citadels
  • Rage entosising enemy sov structures
  • Cloaky camping
  • To be expanded

The Universe

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