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Heavy Interdictors

Heavy Interdiction Cruisers (HICs) are Tech 2 Cruisers which combine area of effect warp disruption with the tanking capabilities of Heavy Assault Ships. Rather than using warp disrupt probes, the heavy interdictors use a module, the Warp Disruption Field Generator, which prevents all ships within its range from warping or jumping.

Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar
Devoter Onyx Phobos Broadsword

Helpful Guidelines

A Heavy Interdiction Cruiser (“HIC” or “HICtor”) can fit the Warp Disruption Field Generator (and is the only ship class that can do so), a high-slot module that creates an interdiction sphere or “bubble” which prevents the use of warp drives or jump drives within its radius. This bubble behaves similarly to any other warp disruption “bubble” (as launched from and Interdictor or deployed via a Warp Disruption Field Generator), however the HIC bubble will move with the ship generating it, unlike all other “bubbles” which are static in space once deployed.

This module can be scripted with a Focused Warp Disruption Script that will change its behavior; instead of creating a bubble, it will become a targetable module similar to a warp disruptor. However, unlike typical warp disruptors that apply 1 “point” of warp disruption (which can be countered by the target having 1 or more Warp Core Stabilizer module, each of which would provide -1 “point”), the Heavy Interdictor's module applies an (effectively) infinite amount of “points”, meaning that no amount of Warp Core Stabilizer modules can counter it. Supercapital ships have warp core stabilization “points” built into their hull, meaning that in some cases Heavy Interdictors are the only way to lock them on field.

Notes: * HIC points will prevent Capital and Supercapital ships from using gates – excluding Freighters and Jump Freighters – but not subcapital ships. * HIC points, like any other point, will prevent ships of all types from tethering at a Citadel. Ships of any type, however, can still dock while pointed. * HIC points, like Warp Scramblers but not Warp Disruptors and Interdiction Spheres (launched from either Interdictors, generated by a HIC's Warp Disruption Field Generator, or deployed using Warp Disruption Field Generators), will prevent the use of Micro Warp Drive and Micro Jump Drive modules. * While the HIC point is active, the HIC cannot receive remote assistance of any kind, including most importantly remote repairs, but also sensor boosting, ECCM, etc. * A HIC bubble, like any other bubble, will prevent the use of warp or jump drives of any kind, including anchored Jump Bridges, Titan bridges, Black Ops bridges, etc. * You can cloak with your interdiction module still running. If you do, it will cycle down in about 3 seconds.

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