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Effectively combining the trapping power of interdictors with the defensive capabilities of heavy assault cruisers, the heavy interdiction cruiser is an invaluable addition to any skirmish force, offensive or defensive. Heavy interdiction cruisers are the only ships able to use the warp disruption field generator, a module which creates a warp disruption field that moves with the origin ship wherever it goes.

Developer: Viziam

Viziam ships are quite possibly the most durable ships money can buy. Their armor is second to none and that, combined with superior shields, makes them hard nuts to crack. Of course this does mean they are rather slow and possess somewhat more limited weapons and electronics options.


Amarr Cruiser bonuses (per skill level):

  • 10% reduction in Medium Energy Turret activation cost
  • 5% bonus to Medium Energy Turret damage

Heavy Interdiction Cruisers bonuses (per skill level):

  • 10% bonus to Medium Energy Turret optimal range
  • 5% bonus to Warp Disruption Field Generator scramble range

Role Bonus:

  • Can fit Warp Disruption Field Generator
  • 20% bonus to all armor resistances


  • Amarr Cruiser V
    • Spaceship Command II
    • Amarr Destroyer III
      • Amarr Frigate III
        • Spaceship Command I
  • Heavy Interdiction Cruisers I
    • Propulsion Jamming V
      • CPU Management III
      • Navigation II
    • Graviton Physics IV
      • Science V
      • Power Grid Management V
    • Spaceship Command V
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