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Logistics Ships

Logistics ships specialize in providing remote repairs to fleets. These hulls recieve bonuses to remote repair range and amount, allowing them to repair substantial amounts of damage while keeping safe range from enemy fleets.

Because of their role in mitigating incoming damage, they are known as “Force Multipliers,” as only a few Logistics ships can enable a fleet to kill vastly more ships than they'd be able to without logistics. They are THE main backbones of larger fleets, because they can allow expensive ships to be used on the battlefield at reduced risk. Since their primary job is to provide reps, Logistics pilots eschew weapons, relying instead on assisting drones to whore on killmails. Flying Logistics is a great way to make friends, as well as be welcome on any fleet you fly.

The Amarr (Guardian, Augoror, Deacon, Inquisitor) and Gallente logistics ships (Oneiros, Exequror, Thalia, Navitas) specialize in providing armor reps, while the Minmatar (Scimitar, Scythe, Scalpel, Burst) and Caldari logistics ships (Basilisk, Osprey, Kirin, Bantam) specialize in providing shield reps. In addition, Amarr and Caldari logistic cruisers receive bonuses to remote capacitor transfer range and amount, allowing them to be used as remote-recharging ships as well. The drawback to this ability is that Amarr and Caldari ships cannot remain capacitor-stable without using some of these cap-transfers on each other, a technique known as “capchaining.” By contrast, with proper skills, the Gallente and Minmatar Logistics ships can be made cap-stable without remote assistance, making them them more resistant to disruption due to death and/or ECM. In addition, Gallente and Minmatar logistics ships receive bonuses to Tracking Links, allowing ships with slow-tracking guns (like Battleships and Dreadnoughts) to better track and hit targets.

Logistics ships work best in a “ball,” which consists of having them orbit an “anchor”, who then pilots the logis around the battlefield. The anchor is tasked with keeping a close eye on the positions of the main and enemy fleets; ensuring that the logis stay in rep range of the FC and main fleet, but far enough away and/or with enough transversal so that they can't be easily primaried by the enemy fleet. For this purpose, Logistics pilots will usually be asked to join special comms and chat channels for the purpose of coordinating watchlists, anchors and capchains.

Type Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar
Tech 1 Frigates Inquisitor Bantam Navitas Burst
Tech 2 Frigates Deacon Kirin Thalia Scalpel
Tech 1 Cruisers Augoror Osprey Exequror Scythe
Tech 2 Cruisers Guardian Basilisk Oneiros Scimitar
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