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The biggest T1 subcapital ships that are possible to be obtained, Battleships are a force to be reckoned with, especially in numbers. Remote repair battleship fleets (RR BS) are a tough nut to crack in PvP, and battleships can chew through L4 missions.

Hull size: large

Approximate cost, average fit: 80-200 million isk

As of March 2020 all battleships can load a single fully fitted T1, assault, electronic attack or logistics frigate into its frigate escape bay. If your battleship explodes, you will eject right into your frigate instead of your pod.

Tech 1



Faction Ship
Angel Cartel Machariel
Blood Raiders Bhaalgorn
Guristas Pirates Rattlesnake
Mordu's Legion Barghest
Sansha's Nation Nightmare
Serpentis Vindicator
Sisters of Eve Nestor


Triglavian Collective

Tech 2

Tech 2 Battleships fulfill specialized roles: Black Ops battleships help orchestrate stealth operations, whereas Marauders serve as heavy duty brawling platforms.

Type Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar
Black Ops Redeemer Widow Sin Panther
Marauders Paladin Golem Kronos Vargur

Special Edition

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