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Marauders are Tech Two battleship variants. They're heavily upgraded versions of their Tech one variants, becoming excellent machines for solo operations, both versus other Capsuleers and pirate NPCs.

Type Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar
Marauder Paladin Golem Kronos Vargur

Helpful Guidelines

They're mainly used as a sort of end-game ship for PvE, as the Bastion Module I they can equip boosts their defensive capabilities heavily, adding 30% to all resistances on their Shields, Armor and Hull whilst increasing the amount of HP repaired by Armor Repairers and Shield Boosters. Bastion, as the effect is nicknamed, gives the Marauder the capability to lock 13 targets, which is actually higher than the maximum currently allowed in the game with maximum skills, which is 12 with Target Management V and Advanced Target Management V. Also, turret optimal and fall-off range are increased by 25% alongside missile velocity. The ship becomes immobile though this is a small tradeoff for the huge defensive capabilities the Marauder becomes capable of. The Marauder also becomes immune to Electronic Warfare and Remote Assistance effects, the same bonus given to Carriers and Dreadnoughts in Triage Mode and Siege Mode respectively, meaning that the Marauder becomes reliant only on itself for tanking. Energy Neutralizers are not affected by this immunity, so only Marauders equipped with Ancillary Shield Boosters have truly stable tanks.

Marauders also get an innate Role bonus to Large Micro Jump Drive charge times. Normally, Micro Jump Drives take 180 seconds to recharge after being used, however on Marauders this is reduced to 60 seconds. This makes Marauders much more mobile when using Micro Jump Drives compared to other Battleships, especially in situations where Warp Scramblers are not being employed versus the Marauder. In addition to this, Marauders get an 100% bonus to their appropriate weapon systems, meaning their four turret/launcher high slots become worth eight. This leaves the other four high slots open for use, for modules such as the Bastion Module I, Energy Neutralizers, Smart bombs or even Tractor Beams., which the Marauder gets an 100% bonus to the Velocity and Range of by default. This further solidifies their amazing solo capabilities as they can not only carry huge amounts of loot from PvE activities but can also store unexpectedly high amounts of ammo for PvP, including Cap Boosters for Ancillary Shield Boosters and Capacitor Boosters, making their staying power on the field great as they are unlikely to run out of ammo during drawn out fights. Marauders have only one real downside compared to their Tech One variants, aside from their cost, which is their inferior Sensor Strength. This means that, whilst the Marauder is not using Bastion which makes it immune to said effects regardless, the ship is very vulnerable to ECM jamming. Marauders are rarely found without Bastion, however, so this is usually not a weakness that the Marauder pilot need take seriously.

Due to their insane combat capabilities, Marauders are usually fit very shiny, found more often than not with combinations of Deadspace and Faction modules, rarely being found even with Officer modules. Their insane tanks means defeating a Marauder in solo or small gang combat is nigh-impossible, with Energy Neutralizers rarely working due to the Marauder's spacious cargo hold making the ship able to reload Heavy Capacitor Boosters or X-Large Ancillary Shield Boosters dozens of times. As such, this sort of bling is generally thought of as worth using, as it enhances the Marauders already ridiculous solo capabilities even further.

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