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Scorpion Navy Issue


This ship's design represents a radical turnaround in Caldari philosophy, particularly when compared to that of its regular Scorpion-class counterpart. Abandoning the concept of an electronic warfare platform, this vessel's creators instead set their sights on direct combat, with superior shielding and offensive capabilities giving this monster the undeniable upper hand in a vast range of tactical situations.


  • Caldari Battleship II
    • Spaceship Command IV
    • Caldari Battlecruiser III
      • Spaceship Command III
      • Caldari Cruiser III
        • Spaceship Command II
        • Caldari Destroyer III
          • Caldari Frigate III
            • Spaceship Command I


Caldari Battleship bonuses (per skill level):

  • 5% bonus to Rapid Heavy Missile, Cruise Missile and Torpedo Launcher rate of fire
  • 4% bonus to all shield resistances


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