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The Kronos is a pretty gold Megathron geared towards grinding out L4 missions in Empire. Unfortunately, with the state of hybrids and a nonsensical web bonus, it fails utterly and in almost every respect. If the sensor strength wasn't so pathetic it would make an excellent PvP ship, however as it costs nearly 1bln ISK and can be jammed by a bit of poo on the windshield, only an idiot would want to bring one out to 0.0. Don't get one, people will laugh at you. Bitch don't hate on my Kronos.

Also Marauders are kind of crap after their edge on tractor beams has been effectively replaced by the Noctis.

Required skills

  • Gallente Battleship V
    • Gallente Battlecruiser III
      • Gallente Cruiser III
        • Gallente Destroyer III
          • Gallente Frigate III
            • Spaceship Command I
        • Spaceship Command II
      • Spaceship Command III
    • Spaceship Command IV
  • Marauders I
    • Energy Grid Upgrades V
      • Power Grid Management II
      • Science I
    • Advanced Weapon Upgrades V
      • Weapon Upgrades V
        • Gunnery II
    • Spaceship Command V

Ship Description

Geared toward versatility and prolonged deployment in hostile environments, Marauders represent the cutting edge in today's warship technology. While especially effective at support suppression and wreckage salvaging, they possess comparatively weak sensor strength and may find themselves at increased risk of sensor jamming. Nevertheless, these thick-skinned, hard-hitting monsters are the perfect ships to take on long trips behind enemy lines.

Developer: Duvolle Labs

Duvolle Labs manufactures sturdy ships with a good mix of offensive and defensive capabilities. Since the company is one of New Eden's foremost manufacturers of particle blasters, its ships tend to favor turrets and thus have somewhat higher power output than normal.


Gallente Battleship Skill Bonuses (Per Skill Level):
5% bonus to Large Hybrid Turret damage
10% bonus to Large Hybrid Turret falloff

Marauders Skill Bonuses (Per Skill Level):
7.5% bonus to Armor Repairer amount
7.5% bonus to Large Hybrid Turret tracking speed

Role Bonus:
100% bonus to Large Hybrid Turret damage
100% bonus to Tractor Beam range and velocity
Can fit Bastion modules

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