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Black Ops

Black Ops are Tech 2 Battleship variants. Unlike Covert Ops, Force Recon Ships, Blockade Runners and Tech 3 Strategic Cruisers with the Covert Reconfiguration Offensive Subsystem, these Battleships cannot fit Covert Ops Cloaks. In exchange, all four battleships get their cloaked velocity increased by 125% for each level of the Black Ops skill. At Black Ops V, these Battleships actually go faster whilst using their cloak, so Faction cloaks actually increase the cloaked speed of the Black Ops further, as the Cloaking Devices' base penalty is lower.

Type Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar CONCORD
Black Ops Redeemer Widow Sin Panther Marshal

Helpful Guidelines

Black Ops battleships are the pinnacle of stealth operations, coming equipped with specialized jump drives that allow them to jump to Covert Ops Cynosural Beacons, that do not show up globally for everyone in the system that the beacon is lit in, like normal Cynosural Beacons. They can also equip Covert Jump Portal Generators, allowing them to bridge Covert Ops, Force Recon Ships, Blockade Runners and the aforementioned Strategic Cruisers as well as other Black Ops at a cost of fuel. Each race's battleship uses the same fuel as their race's Capital Ships.

A very niche class of ship, Black Ops Battleships are the only sub-capital ships found equipped with jump drives, and also are the only ship class aside from a Titan that can fit a Jump Portal Generator, albeit a Covert one. Their main use is their Covert Jump Portal Generator, used to facilitate the hot-drop of Covert Ops fleets into hostile territory using a Covert or standard Cynosural Beacon. As a result of their inability to use a Covert Ops Cloaking Device, they cannot warped cloaked, however they can use the innate ship bonus to attain sufficient speed to enter warp whilst cloaked, then uncloak for warping. Black Ops Battleships are rarely used themselves for combat, as they do not have many perks over their Tech One variants, even having a penalty to Scan Resolution and Targeting Range compared to their Tech One variant. As a result, they're only used for hot-dropping defenseless ships with large amounts of other Black Ops ships for easy kills. For general combat, their Tech One variants are up to and over 5x cheaper while retaining almost 100% of the Black Op's combat capabilities, spare perhaps the Widow, which has bonuses to Cruise Missiles and Torpedoes, which the Scorpion does not.

Black Ops Battleships have a base jump range of 4 ly and max 8 ly with JDC5. This allows them to bridge and jump farther than a titan (6ly max) and normal capital ships (7ly max).

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