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Welcome to TEST, fellow capsuleer! I hope you like dying. If you are new to EVE then you should consider watching this video.

This guide serves to assist you in getting yourself acclimated to Test Alliance and life in null security space.

If you are still new to EVE, know this: once you join a corp in TEST, you are probably at war with someone in highsec that will try to kill you.

External Services

Middle Management Dino Small Gray.PNG
Middle Management Dino says, "This here is some good information, you might want to pay attention!"

What You Need

As a TEST member you are required to have the following services set up within two weeks of joining the corporation (really, they are more important than anything else):

  • Jabber account -- set up and working for out-of-game fleet notifications and other general-interest broadcasts.
  • Forum access -- for news and information regarding various services, operations, etc. in TEST. No special account setup needed anymore! :sun: Just log in using your Auth username and External Services Password
  • Mumble Access -- Voice chat system.
    • Setup a Whisper/Local key for mumble. This is imporant so you can talk to the sub channel without the FC being bothered with none important voice chatter.
  • Join the deedeereddit Auth Group

All of these services (as well as this Wiki) uses TEST's authentication system, called Auth to manage permissions and access. (After joining TEST, you need to update your API in Auth to allow you to access these services.) Dreddit members who do not have these services activated on their accounts are subject to purges at any time. Don't let that be you.

DO NOT EVER create a second auth account.

If anyone other than TEST IT (Aevum Decessus, Twizted Sizter, Awol, or Dorijan) ever tells you to 'just make another auth account' then they are wrong. If your character appears on multiple auth accounts then the auth system will not function for you. This is doubly true if it is the primary character or the one in the jabber ID for either account.

Jabber Clients

You can download one of these clients and read the Jabber article to set it up.

In Game Preparations

Middle Management Dino Small Gray.PNG
Middle Management Dino says, "This here is some good information, you might want to pay attention!"

Once you're accepted and have your services set up, there are a few things you need to do in-game.

  • Join chat channels -- you should be in the Intel channels immediately; join "deedeereddit" to get answers to your questions and "test_free" to get free ships and other goodies
  • Fix your overview -- unfuck your overview as soon as possible so you don't (unintentionally) shoot blues or otherwise get confused. There is an alternate guide to unfucking your overview along with other useful guides (such as unfuck your broadcasts) at Isa Superiora Newbro Guides
  • Remove CSPA charge -- turn this off as soon as you get the chance. It's a pain in the ass
  • Get to our space -- leave empire space (it's now quite dangerous for you) and either podjump or, if you don't want to lose your implants, slow boat to our current home base
  • (Optional) Ship your stuff -- just liquidating your assets and buying new stuff when you get into nullsec is easiest, but if you have a lot of stuff you insist on bringing with you, several jump freighter services are available
  • Read the Standing Orders -- find out what's happening and where you need to go next to get shot at shoot people.

Next Steps

Additional reading

The following are guides that will help you not die or be a total fuck up. Also check out the articles linked in the right side panel on this page, most of them are pretty useful.

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