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TEST Alliance Bylaws

These bylaws are listed in descending severity of punishments. If you break the top ones, you're very likely to find yourself in need of a new Alliance.

Instant Expulsion from TEST Alliance/Dreddit

  • Linking Child Pornography anywhere TEST related
  • Impersonating a Director or Alliance Leadership (including Diplomats)
  • Making up a directorial order to manipulate a blue
  • Revealing personal information about any person without their express approval
    • Intentionally, or through gross incompetence
  • Doing any of the following to alliance members or the alliance itself
    • Stealing from alliance members or allies
    • Stealing from the alliance or allied alliances
    • Luring alliance members or allies into a trap
    • Scamming alliance members or allies
  • Giving intel to or otherwise helping our enemies
  • Refusing to obey a direct order from a director
  • Botting, Account sharing, or generally violating the EVE TOS
  • Dual Citizenship
    • TEST is an alliance of mains, “dual citizenship” is not allowed without HC/TIA approval. All alts in or out of TEST must be registered in auth unless otherwise approved by HC/TIA.
    • Alts in multiple TEST corps for Alliance roles are the only exception.
  • Hiding characters from IT/TIA
    • All spy/awox alts must be registered with TIA.
  • Hacking/Cracking/Level-Escalation/Denial-of-Service attempts of any kind on any IT service.
  • Sharing “root”/“admin” passwords or access to anybody below sysop or to any non-member.

The following can get you in serious trouble

You may be forced to sing on Mumble, pay a large fine, or (if you are particularly a dick about it) find yourself a new alliance.

  • Don't be a dick.
  • Shooting or performing a hostile action against alliance members (or allies) without their consent or the permission of one of their corp directors (or a TEST Diplomat/High Command member)
    • This still applies to Out Of Alliance alts as well as NPSI fleets
      • If you are in an NPSI fleet that enters blue space to hunt blues, you must leave the fleet until they change targets to nonblues.
    • Entering an Abyssal Deadspace PVP encounter counts as consent.
  • Disobeying a direct FC order while in their fleet (this will likely get you killed immediately)
  • Excessively poor ratting etiquette/generally being a dick about PVE - breaking chains, hogging systems, etc (the typical punishment for PVE drama is a Trial by Ordeal to be determined by your corp leadership, or an alliance diplomat/shortbus member)
  • Warping to fleet members unless told to - If you warp to 0 on a cloaked ship, he de-cloaks, likely getting both of you killed (this will likely get you killed immediately)
  • Giving away any tactical location or other fleet information anywhere besides fleet chat
  • Harassing or otherwise preventing a director from doing their directorial duties
  • Cluttering up intel channels with non-intel (this will get you muted or banned from the relevant intel channel)
  • Excessively being a dick about fleet loot (always listen to your FC or your corp/alliance leadership, unless told otherwise loot is typically free-for-all)
  • Sharing “root” passwords by any non-encrypted means or unsafe means. If possible, always do SSH Key authentication, if its not possible then please exchange passwords via a private chat via Jabber or another encrypted chat system. Leaking passwords/etc by negligence will get you in serious trouble.
  • Unauthorized data scraping or harvesting from TEST IT Services
  • Not following common-sense hangar security practices
  • Excessively trolling/griefing/spamming in Mumble, Jabber, Discord, on the forums, or through corp/alliance evemail
  • Posting anything on alliance services that violates German law
    • The majority of our services are hosted in Germany, so we specifically have to cater to German laws on what we host, this most often comes up in the form of Nazi Iconography. TL/DR: Don't post swastikas on discord/forums for memes
  • Scamming on reddit
  • No Dreddit pilots are in any way allowed to be involved with recruitment scamming.

We may be upset with you for the following

Repeat offenders will be fined/kicked

  • Not being in Mumble when in fleet ops, or being in a fleet's Mumble channel without participating in the fleet. Deaf/otherwise ineligible players are exempt from this.
  • Petitioning blues or encouraging people to petition blues. Please discuss problems with corp or relevant alliance leadership first.
    • 99 times out of 100 Alliance leadership will recomend petitioning if we're unsure of the legality of act; we just want to be involved in the process because our threshold for action is often less than that of CCP's. Don't just report ingame and be done with it, poke diplos and talk to us.
  • Not paying attention to rules regarding sovereignty and moons
  • Not paying attention to ratting etiquette (also covers PVE rules for generic activities without a dedicated document like scanning, event sites, etc…)
  • Not paying attention to mining etiquette
  • Not paying attention to huffing etiquette
  • Not paying attention to ice etiquette
  • Not paying attention to ess rules
  • Not paying attention to News and Updates
  • Discussing IRL politics on alliance services, or in alliance sponsored channels.
    • TSU / The Cesspit / The Shithole are unmoderated, and therefore exempted from this
    • Corp channels (like in mumble) discussion topic rules are up to the hosting corps.
  • Dropping MTUs in PvP grids. If you do so, make sure the battle is over, the grid and almost the whole system has no enemies to kill and your MTU does not take loot that other Testbros in grid can take.

PAC (Private Alt Corp) Rules


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