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TEST Alliance is a member of WinterCo, an alliance comprised of a diverse array of people from all around the world founded by Fraternity.


Required Services

SeAT and Auth

“WC & Friends” & English Mumble.

Set up push to talk keys for fleets in Mumble (required for fleets)

This will allow you to talk in your current channel only. (shows yellow icon for mumble 1.3 and above) To talk to FC channel in a fleet use the Push-to-Talk shortcut key (shows blue icon for mumble 1.3 and above)

Ingame channels

  • Ingame Coalition Wide Channel: WinterCo_Friends
  • For links to intel, ratting, trade, doctrines, and escalation trade channels, check the MOTD of WinterCo_Friends
  • Optional: Ingame Trade Mailing List: Winter Trade
  • Please read the pinned messages in the Discord channels and MOTD of ingame channels.
  • When in-game, join Winter Coalition mumble, and in-game standing fleet.



Winter Coalition staging UMI-KK


See the ingame channel found listed in the MOTD of in-game channel, WinterCo_Friends

Deployment staging

This may change frequently

Check the ingame channel, WinterCo_Friends MOTD, for latest deployment information.


Watch WC & Friends Discord


SRP is provided by coalition or alliance. Check with your alliance leadership for details applicable to you. Be sure your ship is correctly fit for the fleet you are in. A link to request SRP is provided in fleet. If a module is not on market, you must buy an equal or higher module and note that when you make the request. If FC requests a different fit, you must note that when you make the SRP request. When you join a fleet, participation is usually automatically recorded. Sometimes there may be a participation (FAT) link provided. If provided, click this link when you are in a fleet. If you are interested in being an FC or flying capitals in fleets, contact your CEO

Fleet types

  • Red pen or Alarm Clock CTA – extremely important – enough to alarm clock if you can – very rare
  • CTA (Call to Action) – log in and be in fleet if possible
  • Strat op – join if you are online – strategically important
  • HD (home defense) – help to defend your space if you are online. Continue to PVE with your alt if greenlight.
  • Emergency – friendly big ship is tackled – if you are online, join the fleet
  • Roam, special or blops – for fun, optional – may not receive participation/FAT

Ratting & Mining

Mining fleets are announced in the WinCo Mining pings or your alliance discord.

You can find more details here.

Market & Industry

Vale market is 4-HWWF

Please keep your pricing at or below Jita price plus 50%


Check with your alliance or CEO for reporting locations. Roll to critical status where possible. How to close a wormhole:


TEST will continue to provide intra-alliance services for Logistics

Jump-bridges will be held under FRT. and an updated list can be found here.

Refer to TEST Diplomats for all diplo matters.

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