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Corps Of TEST

Some of these corps might not be accepting members.

* DOTLAN corporations List for TEST Alliance Please Ignore

Member corporations

Name Ticker Description
0.0 Massive Dynamic 0MD Industrialists to the Core!
7th Fleet Corps 7FC
Alcohol Tobacco And Firearms A-T-F
Alcoholocaust. SUAD I'm gay btw
Ascendent. .UP. A Good Place to Meet Bad People
aWayWard Inc. AWW Can't nobody keep this Keesh-Keesh on a leash leash!
Bohemian Veterans –BV-
Brand Newbros NWFLT USTZ Newbro PVP Skill Development Corp
Cloud Temple DSLA Korean speaking corp
Dromedaworks inc DROWI Focus on High Level Spec-ops Style PvP and 'Endgame' Industry
Easily.Offended 2BAD. German Corp - Newbies welcome - PVP ☼ Mining ☼ Production Ingame-Chanel: 2BAD.
Elysium Imports ELY5E
Ember Inc. EMBIN
Eternity Pavilion EN-PL Chinese corporation
Friendship Is Podding FIPOD
Fuel Blocks for Dante S4LT. Join in-game channel: S4LT. Recruitment Hub. Building friendships, pvp and sometimes fuel blocks.
Heroes Of The Past HOTP
Herrscher der Zeit -HDZ- German-speaking corporation
Infinite Point 3.14- All about PewPew in a Drama free environment with old farts
Interstellar Industries IIDSY
Machiavellian Empire MACE1
Mare Crisium Industries WOONA Making the gears of industry turn. Also Bronies.
Moosearmy MSARM
Row Row Fight the Power [TRYRM] TRYRM The greatest AUTZ Corporation in TEST Alliance
Southern Brewers FCKDU
S0utherN Comfort S0C0 Contact Trespasser.. follow us on twitter!
SergalJerk LEYIF EVE's premier furry corporation
Spartan Vanguard SPVG Join in-game channel 'Spartan Vanguard' for an interview.
Star Frontiers -S-F- We're not elitists, we're just tired of fail. SF is recruiting.
The Infinite Oblivion INFOB
The Soul Society TSSOC Going on 10 years! -
The Study of Wumbology LUMBO Best clam shucking in all of eve ( also building stuff)
The Suicide Kings T-S-K Less QQ, More Pew Pew since 2006
Unholy Knights of Cthulhu UKOC Ia! Ia! Cthulhu F'taghn!

Personal Alt Corps

Special Purpose Corporations

Name Ticker Description
Incognito Mode .VPN. Holding corp for Predditors
The Subaru Legacy FLAT4 BWAAH pssh
TEST Diplo Please Ignore TESTD Diplo holding corp
Test Sysadmins Please Ignore SYSOP TEST Sysadmin Embezzlement corp
Upvote UPVOT Executor corp
W-Space IT Department WSPIT TEST Sysadmin retirement home
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