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Corps Of TEST

Below are active corps with over 50 members and most are accepting pilots.

* DOTLAN corporations List for TEST Alliance Please Ignore

Some smaller corps from the over 60 listed on Dotlan are organizational and corporate alt corps and don't accept new members.

Member corporations

Name Ticker Description Recruiting
AlcoDOTTE SUAD #tackly4execYES
Ascendent. .UP. A Good Place to Meet Bad PeopleYES
aWayWard Inc. AWW Can't nobody keep this Keesh-Keesh on a leash leash!YES
Blackout Brigade BO-B We do stuff, you could toYES
Bohemian Veterans –BV- CZ/SK more at
Brotherhood of Equal BROEQ RUTZYES
Dino NuggetsTEN.D Tests Official Newbro CorpYES
Dromedaworks inc DROWI Focus on High Level Spec-ops Style PvP and 'Endgame' IndustryYES
Endgegner. .END- German Industrial based Corporation YES
Fuel Blocks for Dante S4LT. Join in-game channel: S4LT. Recruitment Hub. Building friendships, pvp and sometimes fuel blocks.YES
Machiavellian EmpireMACE1Close knit community, come chill with us. Join MACE1 Public in-game for more info
Mare Crisium Industries WOONA Making the gears of industry turn. Also Bronies.YES
Miners Legion .M.L. USTZ - PVP - Industry - Recruitment Open. Join in-game channel: .M.L. Public
The Phoenix Uprising TPUX
Row Row Fight the Power TRYRM The greatest AUTZ / EU Corporation in TEST Alliance - DiscordYES
The Soul Society TSSOCGoing on 10 years! -
The Study of Wumbology LUMBO Join our Fuggin Corp YES
Unholy Knights of Cthulhu UKOC Military industrial corporation with one of the oldest histories in TEST. Cthulhu F'taghn!YES

Special Purpose Corporations

Name Ticker Description
TEST Diplo Please IgnoreTESTDDiplo holding corp
TEST Infrastructure as a ServiceTIAASLogistics corp
Upvote UPVOT Executor corp
W-Space IT Department WSPIT TEST Sysadmin retirement home

Personal Alt Corps

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