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How to apply to a member Corporation of the TEST alliance

As long as your Auth account has been created you can then apply to any member Corporation in the TEST Alliance.

Navigate to Test Auth and log in with your Auth Account.

  1. Click the “HR” option at the top of the page
  2. Click the “Create an Application” link
  3. On the “New Application” page select the character you are applying with
  4. In the following field select the corp you would like to apply to with that character
  5. Click the “Create Application” button
  6. The following page will display your application details; review this page and confirm the details before clicking “Submit Application”

You should find yourself on the application confirmation page

  • Optionally you can select the “Add Message” button any time you see it to add any details you see fit or have been requested by the corp you are applying too.
  • Be aware that making changes or adding messages at a later time may push your application to the bottom of the list.
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