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Standing Orders

Key Information

Where should I be?

  • We are currently moving a lot. Current Staging system is UMI-KK in Pure Blind.
  • This wiki will likely become out of date very quickly. Instead, look through old posts in the info-all channel in the TEST Alliance Discord to see where we're currently living and staging out of. If youre not sure whats going on take a look at the #deedeereddit channel in the alliance discord we can answer any questions you have there.

Where is our home?

  • TEST is currently living in Pure Blind, a nullsec region in the north of New Eden. As we currently live in allied Fraternity space, we aim to grow, help our pilots make dank isk, and build up our military force. Further details can be found on the Where We Live page.

What should I be doing?

  • You should be moving your ships and assets to the staging system. Join fleets, earn ISK, fight the neighbors, play EVE: Online.
  • Make sure Discord & Mumble are up and running. Hang out on Mumble with your corp and alliance members.
  • If you feel like being a contributing member of the alliance, browse and join a SIG or squad, found in the Careers Center

Strategic doctrines (Ships skills to train)

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