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Welcome to TEST!

I hope you like dying.

This guide is intended to assist you in getting yourself acclimated to life in Test Alliance Please Ignore, and to Eve Online in general.

Please be aware that as soon as you join TEST, there will probably be an active highsec war (or six) which means that there will be a bunch of nerds camping major trade hubs and chokepoints looking for easy kills.

Test has no interest or presence in highsec, so you should focus on getting out to our staging system as quickly as you can. Our staging system will usually be in the MOTD of Alliance Chat.

If you have assets in highsec consider selling them, or if you're a brand new newbro just do the tutorials and leave all the junk that they give you behind, because its not worth the effort, and we have TEST Free which will give you as many ships as you need.

TEST IT Services

What are TEST IT Services?

TEST has a well developed IT infrastructure to enable coordination, communication and community building independent of the game client. This is necessary because Eve can sometimes experience unplanned downtime and instability.

As a new player you need to make sure that you're set up and ready to use these services, as TEST does the majority of its communication through these services.

What you need to set up


Auth is the center of Test's IT infrastructure, it is used to associate your identity on our services with your ingame account. This is necessary so that we know you're actually a member of TEST and not just some random nerd.


Jabber is an out-of-game chat channel, it allows for us to broadcast important announcements, ping for fleets, and chat amongst ourselves without having to be logged in to Eve, which is nice if you want to play other games.


Mumble is our voice chat program of choice. We use mumble because its open source and unlike Teamspeak it does not require is to buy more expensive licenses to have more available slots. You will need Mumble to at least listen to orders given on fleets, unless you are deaf in which case you can ask the FC to have somebody relay orders in fleet chat.


The last lynchpin is the forums. It is used for more general announcements less ephemeral than a ping, general debate, private communication within corporations or squads, trading with TEST bros, and many other things.

In Game Preparations

Once you're accepted and have your services set up, there are a few things you need to do in-game.

  • Fix Your Overviewunfuck your overview as soon as possible so you don't (unintentionally) shoot blues or otherwise get confused. There is an alternate guide to unfucking your overview along with other useful guides (such as unfuck your broadcasts) at Isa Superiora Newbro Guides
  • Remove CSPA 1) charge turn this off as soon as you get the chance. It's a pain in the ass.
  • Join Chat Channels – you should be in the Intel channels immediately; join “deedeereddit” to get answers to your questions and “test_free” to get free ships and other goodies
  • Get to our space – leave empire space (it's now quite dangerous for you) and either podjump or, if you don't want to lose your implants, slow boat to our current home base
  • Ship your stuff (Optional) – Liquidating your assets and buying new stuff when you get into nullsec is probably the easiest way to go. But if you have a lot of junk and you insist on bringing it, several Jump Freighter Services are available.
  • Read the Standing Orders – find out what's happening and where you need to go next to get shot at shoot people.
  • Give EVE Online a look over – Things you can do in EVE and what TEST has to do with it.

Next Steps

Expand your horizons

One of EVE's best strengths is how it's more than just a game. Accordingly, there are a lot of different tools and resources floating around the EVE-o-sphere.

Here is a guide to the best of them.

Here's a nice little glimpse of some of the things to do in EVE. Start in the middle.

Additional Reading

The following are guides that will help you not die or be a total fuck up. Also check out the articles linked in the right side panel on this page, most of them are pretty useful.

1) As of the Scylla update, CSPA charge is set to zero by default for all newly created characters.
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