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Dromedaworks Inc [DROWI]

Dromedaworks Inc. is a jack of all trades corporation that is currently looking to increase in size. We offer a friendly and experienced corporation environment, where we will still laugh at you for doing stupid things.

We Have:
* Experienced leadership!
* Opportunities to blow shit up!
* A sense of humor!
* Fun!
* Access to 0.0 space.

You Should:
* Have a sense of humor and a slice of maturity!
* Enjoy teamwork as well as independence!
* Want to blow shit up with like minded people!
* Have a tear harvester array fitted and trained to at least lvl 4!

Please Join the “Drowi Bar”channel ingame and start doing the auth part (see section below) of the recruitment process. After thats done contact a recruiter for a little interview (we just wanna see if you would fit in), also be ready to provide said recruiter with full accountwide API keys for any character you have.

Set up your auth account.
Go to and follow these directions:
• Create your account and verify your email address.
• Add your API key (full account wide key) - make sure it's a customizable API key, old style API keys will no longer work.
• Click on the “HR” tab in Auth and select “Create an application”
• Select the Character you wish to apply with and select Dromedaworks Inc and click “Apply”. Having problems? Make sure your API key is set correctly!
• click “Submit Application” and it should take you back to a list of your current applications.
• Drop roles.
• Wait for an acceptance letter in Auth.
• Wait for an invitation to be extended to you.
• Accept the invitation.

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