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Test's OFFICIAL newbro corp!

Ever wanted to move on from just mining in hisec? Seen the largest battles but don't know how to be in them? Want advice and help from some of the games most experienced players? All in a fun and friendly non-judgemental environment? then look no further than TEN.D

We offer access to training programs, free ships for new players, skill books, alliance SRP for more experienced players. Access to prime high and nullsec systems for ISK making, a large market for traders and industrialists and of course access to the guys n' gals of the corp and test for fun, fleets and help.

All we ask in return is you have a mic for comms and try to join in with activities when you can.

We do not demand any payments (either ISK or Assets) for joining the corp, if someone is demanding payment then they're trying to scam you and don't pay, insted contact us on via our discord.

Discord : http://

In Game Public chat: Dino Nuggets Public

Leadership: Radamere Johanson (CEO) Hannah Pares (XO)

Diplomatic contacts: Astar Kreth

Head Recruiter Shai Hakaid

Recruiters: Yugao Alland Bier from Bavaria Zerconian Neck Back Crack

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