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Mare Crisium Industries [WOONA]

Who we are

Continuing TEST Alliance's history of helping newer players, Mare Crisium Industries aims to help people get into industry.

Want to Join Mare Crisium Industries?

  • You may join Mare Crisium Industries with an alt character
  • You must have been in TEST for at least 3 months to join Mare Crisium Industries with an alt
  • Please apply via Auth with you full API, and you will be contacted via Auth/Jabber for an interview
  • For any further questions, please contact Mireidor, Eliphal, or Scoots Choco
  • Talk to us on Jabber! Anybody with TEST Jabber can join “woona” to hang with us
  • Not in TEST? You can still hang out with us on the “PonySquad” jabber:
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