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Timezone: US, EU

What do we do?

  • Large Scale PVP: We actively partake in the large sov battles one would expect as a NullSec alliance.
  • Capital Ships: We are a capital focused corporation.
  • Memes: SUAD is a heavily meme-focused corporation and expects it's members to only use the spiciest and freshest memes.

What we want?

  • Experienced pilots who don’t need their hand held on every issue
  • Active pilots.
  • PVP oriented players. Indy is a valued resource and needed, but exclusively PVE / indy players would not fit in.
  • People who can handle mature comms.
  • Pilots looking for a 'family' - we look out for our own, the same dedication we expect from you will be returned to you.

Our History

See this thread for details.

Our Culture


TEST Recruitment

People who are already in TEST alliance and are interested in joining us can hop into our corp channel on mumble and get to know us a bit. Our comms are regularly populated by people from other corps, and we have no problem with people hanging around. If you decide it’s a good fit, feel free to chat with just about any of us and submit an in-game app. Provided you’re semi-competent and not an asshole, you’re pretty much guaranteed a home with us.

Public Recruitment

If you’re interested in joining AlcoDOTTE as a non-TEST member, feel free to stop by our public channel, SUAD Recruitment. We’re looking for people that will fit in with TEST’s well-known acoustic culture as well as enjoy our drunken antics. As a corp, we are not newbro friendly, and we have a 30 million SP requirement and require a dedicated FAX character (Minokawa). As a primarily PVP-oriented corp, we are looking for pilots who are interested in joining and leading fleets for the alliance or corp. If you decide you’re interested, we will need a full API key for ALL of your characters and for you to hop on mumble and have a chat with us.

Recruitment Ad

Recruiters: [Sashi Romanenko USTZ] [Tackly Tackleson USTZ]

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