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Personal Alt Corporations


TEST allows its members to apply for a personal corporation within the PAC alliance or blue status with an Out of Alliance Corp. Known as Personal Alt Corporations, or PACs for short, they are used for all manner of activities that would usually be impossible to the average member of TEST. Not to be confused with actual TEST Corporations.

Alt corporations are required to follow very strict rules, any transgressions of the rules may result in an immediate kick of the corporation without warning.

The current PAC Director/Manager/Benevolent Overlords - Tackly Tackleson and Dr Glasser.

Process for getting a PAC approved

  1. Add a full corp ESI key (from a director or higher) in auth. If there is not one there, the corp will not be approved.
  2. Ensure that all members in the PAC are covered by an ESI key in auth. If they are not, the corp will not be approved.
  3. If there is more opsec involved than a JF PAC or Drug Manufacturing, feel free to send a forum PM directly to Tackly Tackleson.

NEW: Send a forum message (not discord, not jabber) to Tackly Tackleson.

     1.  PAC name (include link to auth profile):
     2.  Main toon in TEST's name (include link to auth profile):
     3.  Director key and all members in auth?
     4.  Description/purpose for PAC:
     5.  .DED or out-of-alliance?
     6.  Tell me a joke. Seriously.

Once you have been Approved:

  1. Apply to join All My Friends are Ded, our PAC Alliance (if applicable).
  2. Once you have been accepted into .DED, declare support for New Eden Corporation 98351485 as the executor. (By default, a corp supports the existing executor so if you don't buttons you should be fine.)
  3. Go to the Astrahus in D-P named Pay PAC fee here. Install a corporation office for 100m. Citadel is owned by Forum Mail is Effort
  4. Apply to join the group “PAC Owners” in auth. Include the name of your PAC in the request.
  5. Reply to your application forum mail when your office is secured and you have applied to the PAC auth group.

You absolutely must join the PAC Owners group, as the associated discord channel is the primary means of communication for PACs.


These may change as we try out the policy and get feedback.

  1. All members must be covered by an auth ESI key in Auth. There will be no tolerance for alt corps with less than 100% auth coverage.
  2. All members must be the alt of someone in a full TEST corporation who is in good standing.
  3. Alt corps must be be covered by a director key in Auth.
  4. Ratting, Mining, Scanning, and other in-space pve activities are expressly prohibited.
  5. Indy activities (any kind) must be approved by relevant departments; when in doubt, ask Diplomats.
  6. Squad alt corps are allowed to have alts belonging to members of an alliance that is currently at or above +6 standings. Alt corp CEO must belong to a member whose main character is in TEST.
  7. A valid full API key of the alt corporation's director must be provided to the auth system.
  8. PAC Purposes must be declared to diplomats during PAC application; if the purpose of your PAC changes, contact alliance diplomats.
  9. Wormhole PACs (including daytripping) are not permitted.
  10. Incursion, “krabbing” or any kind of tax evasion is prohibited.
  11. Advertising HyperNet offers using a PAC is prohibited.
  12. Members of PAC's are not authorized to send alliance mails - 100m ISK fine for infractions.
  13. Members of PAC's are not allowed to be combat pilots. Exceptions prior Diplo, High Command authorization, e.g. cloaky campers.
  14. PACs max size is 20 pilots. For more than two TEST members in the same PAC or big PACs, contact Diplomats.
  15. PACs can be admitted to TEST or be Blue without being in the PAC Alliance if there is a compelling reason to due so, solely at the discretion of Tackly Tackleson, Dran Arcana, or Dr Glasser. PACs can also maintain standings with TEST and our allies and not be members of .DED or TEST, but there must be an extremely compelling reason for this, again at the discretion of Tackly Tackleson, Dran Arcana, or Dr Glasser. If you wish to make a case for this, please bring it up with a diplomat when you make your initial request.
    • Out of Alliance PACs (baring EXTREMELY special circumstances) will not be blue to the rest of LEGACY, and as such blues will probably shoot you on sight. You may not shoot back, and any activity that is not jumping and docking is extremely discouraged, if not expressly forbidden in other provisions within this document.
    • Out of Alliance PACs may not light cynos in Legacy space.

Special Rules: Citadels

  1. PACs NOT allowed to own citadels or structures.
  2. If we find a citadel/structure that was not authorized it will be destroyed without warning; you will not be reimbursed.

Fees and Taxes

  1. The PAC fee is 100 million ISK per month. Payment is handled via office rental in the PAC fee citadel.
  2. Offices will be checked between the 7th and 10th day of the month.
  3. Failure to maintain an office or failure to update ESI key will result in a strike against the PAC. After 3 strikes, the PAC may lose standings/membership without warning.
  4. Payments could be waived for Squad PACs in good standing, as well as PACs who contribute to the alliance in such a manner that benefits everyone (this is at the discretion of Dran Arcana or Dr Glasser and MUST be negotiated beforehand).
  5. Active Jump Freighter PACs that are part of an alliance service are exempt from the monthly PAC fee. Please send a forum PM to Tackly Tackleson with a screenshot of a completed Alliance Contract (from the previous 30 days) during the normal payment period (1st to the 7th) instead of the normal 100m PAC fee.


Mistakes happen. People go AFK with director roles, accidentally buttons etc. We all know this. There is a three strikes you're out policy for alt corporations, including squad alt corps. One strike will be removed per calendar year.

  1. First failure to pay PAC fees or follow PAC rules results in a warning and a ~48 hour grace period to fix the problem before kicking.
  2. Second failure results in a warning and ~24 hours (role stasis pending) to fix the problem before kicking.
  3. Third failure can result in immediate loss of standings/ being kicked from .DED or TEST.

Corps will be notified directly via Discord or forums pm before they are kicked and cannot be kicked without final consent from Sapporo Jones, Dran Arcana, Tackly Tackleson,or Dr Glasser.

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