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TEST Diplomats

TEST diplomats represent the interests of alliance leadership and members to the whole of the Eve universe.

The Diplomatic Division is tasked with numerous duties including corp applications, managing standings, docking ACLs, PACs and rental arrangements and awoxing reimbursements. Additionally, we manage TEST Alliance Bylaws, provide assistance and advice, promote integration, mitigate conflicts, monitor internal and external communication and stay up to date on current events in Eve.

Current Diplomatic Agreements

Interested in joining TEST

  • Corporations interested in learning more about TEST, or wishing to join, ask any diplomat.
  • Individuals interested in joining TEST, please refer to Joining TEST As A Member.
    While Alliance diplomats recruit corporations, we can provide advice to get you started in the right direction, especially how to stay out of trouble: TEST Alliance Bylaws.

Contacting Us

  • In EVE Chat Channel: Diplo Office Please Ignore (Please try here before Eve-mailing, there's usually someone around)
  • TEST Members: Use TEST Discord channel: diplo-office (Join this channel with madmin commands described here Discord)

TEST Alliance Diplo Team

Head Diplomancer
Tackly Tackleson (US/EU)
Discord: Mr.Bibbles (#7453)
Malcoreh Vakarhn (US) jayoasis (EU)
TooLegit ToQuit (US) Nox Amos (EU)

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