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TEST Diplomats

TEST diplomats represent the interests of alliance leadership and members to the whole of the Eve universe.

The Diplomatic Division is tasked with numerous duties including managing rentals, awoxing reimbursements and corp applications. Additionally, they monitor internal and external communication, integration, provide advice, keep lengthy lists of contacts, answer questions, mitigate conflicts, work to stay up to date on current events in Eve, and document their efforts.

If you want to join TEST as a corporation, ask any diplomat. If you have questions or issues, diplo will assist. If you, as an individual, are interested in joining TEST, please refer to one of our corporations. Alliance diplomats recruit corporations, not individuals.

For an overview of how not to cause drama and stay out of trouble: TEST Alliance Bylaws

If a diplomat has to soak up the tears of one of your scam victims, the alliance is entitled to 10% of your take (5% to the diplomat, 5% to the SRP fund)

Contacting Us

Please contact a diplomat relevant to your issue. If you are unsure, contact Tackly Tackleson directly. Please do not contact Archivists, Propagandists or Accountants. They won't be able to help.

External (TEST Only)

  • Discord: diplo-office

In Game

  • Channel: Diplo Office Please Ignore (Please try here before Eve-mailing, there's usually someone around)


Head Diplomancer image.eveonline.com_character_94965564_256.jpg
Tackly Tackleson (US/EU)
Honorary Diplomats
imageserver.eveonline.com_character_1139852591_128.jpg image.eveonline.com_character_1456384556_128.jpg
Jason RichterDurrhurrdurr

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