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The Study of Wumbology [LUMBO]

Do you play the piano? If so, we need you…
Do you fly combat ships or want to? That can work as well.
We really need to expand our band, but will settle for more badasses with guns.

Do you like to build stuff? We also build stuff. Lots of stuff. All the stuff. Come build stuff when you're not shooting things for glory.

We're Multi-National, Multi-Generational, Multi-Cultural, Multi-Everything-else, and have a strict requirement of having fun.
We meme, we are pretty laid back, we have a penchant for being ridiculous.

If you are ridiculous, and like to shoot things, and/or build things, hit us up.
All TZs, languages, genders, furries etc. are welcome.
15M SP preferred, exceptional individuals or arguments to this rule are considered, encouraged, and discouraged simultaneously
Note the key word “exceptional.”
Don't know if you're exceptional? well, give us your elevator pitch and find out!

Hit us up on discord for more info, or just to chitchat!

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