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Alliance Logistics

This article is about the Space Truckers, for the Space Priests see Logistics Ships.

This page, from here down, has been directly imported, with the exception of formatting changes, internal links, and spelling/grammatical changes, from the old TEST Wiki. Some of the information in this article may be out of date.

“When it's spaceships in the sky for a chain of supply, that's logistics.
When the parts for the line come precisely on time, that's logistics.
A continuous link that is always in sync, that's logistics.
Pubbie tears induced, bottom line gets a boost, that's logistics.
With new ways to contest there'll be cheers all through TEST, that's logistics.
When technology knows right where everything goes, that's logistics.
Bells will ring, ring-a-ding, ring-a-ding, ring-a-ding, that's logistics.
There will be no more stress 'cause you've called TEST, that's logistics.”


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Izzy Sunji Zervonn
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Masterbob Flimbit Kugisa

How to Join

Menial Labor Triceratops

You must meet the following requirements:

  • You own and can fly a Blockade Runner or Rorqual
  • You can idle on Jabber to receive automated fueling notifications
  • Dreddit member for 3+ months

Alliance Logistics is occasionally open to members of other corporations through the J4Logi program. However, due to the way POS permissions work, your logistics character will have to be put into Dreddit. Please see this forum post if interested:

Auth Group Membership

Click here to apply

Once approved you will get access to the “Alliance Logistics” forum and the POS Tracker service.

Acquiring Roles

Post in the roles thread in the Alliance Logistics subforum for roles.

“Logibro” is the standard title given out. It comes with the required roles to access the Logistics corporate hangar and POS fuel bays.

If you need to deploy any structures in space (POS) you will also need the “Starbase Config” role. This role is normally only granted temporarily and are revoked once your specific assignment is complete.

Useful Skills


Being able to fly a cloaky transport a.k.a. a “BR” (blockade runner - Amarr Prorator, Caldari Crane, Gallente Viator, or Minmatar Prowler) is of great use to logistics for transporting stuff around all covert-like with a covops cloak. With cargo expanders and cargo rigs a transport should be able to fit 10000m3+, which is a lot of stuff, including ships (frigates 2500, cruisers 10000).

The Rorqual is the ship of choice for fueling POS. Its jump drive will let you get around easily and safely. The Rorqual's corporate hangar can hold up to 30000 m3, and its regular cargohold can hold an additional 126091 m3, giving you the ability to easily transport a total of 156091 m3 worth of stuff. On top of that, you can hold another 10000 m3 of stront in its fuel bay.

If you fly a Rorqual be sure to also spend adequate time on training up the necessary support skills. It will be assumed that you have at least Jump Drive Calibration IV (JDCV is highly recommended) and some level of Jump Fuel Conservation, along with decent fitting skills. You are also expected to light most of your own cynos for regular work; make sure you have a cyno alt or two.


Anchoring is a skill under the Corporation Management category, and Anchoring III is a quick train (Rank 3 skill, likely 12 hours or less to get to level III) and is required for things like deploying towers.

Higher levels of anchoring skills are not used as much day-to-day, but being able to anchor larger warp-bubbles during sieges or getting Anchoring IV so you can train Starbase Defense and take control of POS guns is useful in times of war and stuff. Anchoring 3 will solve your day-to-day anchoring needs.


  • BR skills (fit a covops cloak, fly racial Blockade Runner Transport ship)
  • Anchoring III
  • Industry V (needed for *stuff*, you probably have this if you're zooming around in a BR)

Roles and Responsibilities

The most common day-to-day activities are POS fueling and fueling jump bridges, so if you're looking to get started with Alliance Logistics, you'll want to be familiar with those two activities. Idle in the Alliance Logistics Jabber channel for general chat, information, and other jobs (like scouting a moon or deploying a tower or something) are often posted in there looking for someone to do them.

The easiest thing to get started with is fueling jump bridges. If you are not already familiar with these concepts, they're a good starting point:

  • Learn how to access corporate hangars (U-HVIX)
  • Learn how to use Jump Bridges, learn where TEST jump bridges are (see below), and how to check remaining LO in the JB (right-click JB, “Access Resources”, or ask Logibot)
  • Pull LO from corporate hangar and go check each side of our TEST JBs, adding fuel as needed

You'll also definitely want to learn how to fuel POS/towers, since those hungry things keep running out of fuel, and the “fuel low” notifications won't stop until they're fueled. Hang out in Alliance Logistics jabber and watch the hungry towers/POS whining about fuel.

Combat Resupply

Combat Resupply is one of the more exciting and rare jobs for a Logistics pilot. At minimum you need a Blockade Runner, though during the Siege of 6vdt, Logistics was jumping supplies via Rorqual and Jump Freighter. There were also regular Jita runs with neutral alts to supply the lowsec jumpout points. TEST needed more of everything, and the availability of Logistics pilots to respond on demand was critical.

Deploy IHUBs

Closely related is the Infrastructure Hub or IHUB, a sov unit with multiple functions. Chiefly it is another structure that the enemy must destroy to take a system, which gives TEST more time to organize defenses. It's secondary function is to 'Upgrade' a held system, typically used to cause Combat Sites and Gravimetric (Mining) Sites to spawn. IHUBs must be deployed from a freighter (not a jump freighter!), so the deployment tends to be more OpSec-y than other logistics things.

Fueling Jump Bridges

We have Jump Bridges:

  • Each alliance will put jump bridges up for travel and friendly alliances allow us access to use their jump bridges.
  • Jump Bridges contain a supply of Liquid Ozone.
  • Some LO is consumed each time a ship jumps through the jump bridge.
  • The amount of LO consumed for a jump depends on the ship's mass and the distance that is jumped.
  • Only members of the alliance that holds sovereignty over the system the JB is in can fuel it.
  • If a jump bridge does not have enough fuel for your ship's mass, you cannot jump through it.

We can (and do) fuel all TEST jump bridges. While all TEST members are encouraged to bring their own liquid ozone, it is ultimately up to us to make sure these important strategic resources have enough fuel.

Liquid ozone will typically be available in the corporate hangars of our logistics hub stations. Ask in Jabber chat if you're unsure of where to get some.

How to fuel POS

Fueling POS is pretty straightforward, but it's worth a quick guide on how to get started.

The tl;dr version:

  • Use POS Tracker to choose a tower to fuel.
  • Grab POS fuel blocks from the nearest corp hangar (Logistics).
  • Bring fuel to the POS, deposit fuel in the fuel bay of the tower.
  • (optionally) Update POS Tracker's fuel levels manually based on the fuel you brought.

The longer version:

The POS Tracker gets updated fuel levels from the EVE API approximately every two hours. Between updates it adjusts fuel down each hour based on consumption rates for that POS tower. Logibot (conveniently located in the logistics Jabber channel) will complain about any tower with less than 5 days of fuel remaining. It gets its information on POS fuel levels from the POS Tracker. Use either the POS Tracker or Logibot to get information about which towers need to be fueled and which can wait.

Currently, our main fuel depot is in 6VDT-H (for northern POS) or K-6K16 (for southern POS). The fuel is in the labeled container in the logistics corporate hangar. Take fuel from the hangar and bring it to one of the POS. Access the POS fuel bay and move your blocks into it.

Once you fuel a POS, you can adjust the amount of fuel listed in POS Tracker manually. Find the POS in the main list in POS Tracker, and click the magnifying glass icon to view the POS. Click the Edit button (not the Refuel button) and adjust the amount of fuel blocks. Submit the changes to update POS Tracker with the new fuel amounts. Logibot will use the new information for its next update on Jabber.

Strontium clathrates (or “stront”) provide a timer for POS reinforcement mechanics. The correct amount of stront will be put in when a tower is deployed. Adding or removing stront is not a part of regular POS fueling activies. Don't touch it unless you're told to.

If you don't have enough time to fuel a far-away tower or things aren't safe but you'd like to do something, find a closer tower or jump bridge and put some fuel in it. You don't need to wait until something is low on fuel to fuel it - be a proactive fueler!

POS Fuel Info

  • Each POS consumes fuel from its fuel bay each hour.
    • If the POS runs out of fuel blocks (less than the required amount PER HOUR) then the POS will go offline - shields will drop and modules will be offlined.
  • All POS consume racial fuel blocks.
  • POS in space that an alliance holds sovereignty over consume less fuel than a POS in hostile space.
  • Larger POS consume more fuel and have larger fuel bays.

Alliance Gantries (POCO)

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