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Blackout Brigade [BO-B]

Fed up with flying solo with no one to talk to and living off scraps with no guidance? Is your corp dying? Whatever the reason, we might have a home for you here in null-sec. New, old, or returning looking for new beginnings are welcome in the Brigade. We are a PVP centric corporation with a strong industrial backbone, and are a part of Test Alliance Please Ignore. No-matter what your play style, whether it be business or destruction or the pursuit of enjoyment, we got you covered.

What we can offer you:

• Strong overall community and cooperation with active leadership
• Fleet opportunities PVP, Blops, Alliance warfare
• Access to Null sec Isk making opportunities
• Buyback programs
• SRP programs
• US/EU tz

What we are looking for:

• Omega accounts.
• pvp mains with indy alts
• A working mic and the ability to use Discord/Teamspeak/Mumble
• Capital alts a plus.

join our ingame channel: “Blackout.Pub”

or stop by our discord and have a chat:

How to set up your auth account

Go to and follow these directions:

  • Create your account and authorize your ESI keys for ALL your toons/accounts
  • Click on the “HR” tab in Auth and select “Create an application”
  • Select the Character you wish to apply with and select Blackout Brigade and click “Apply”.
  • click “Submit Application” and it should take you back to a list of your current applications.
  • Wait for a recruiter to reach out to you.
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