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TEST Wiki Please Ignore

About TEST

TEST Alliance Please Ignore is an Eve Online alliance of like-minded corporations brought together with the idea of having fun and blowin' shit up in space. Dreddit [B0RT] is the founding corporation of TEST, born from the social news aggregation site Reddit.

How To Join

If your corporation is interested in joining TEST, please contact TEST Diplomacy. If you're an individual pilot wanting to join, many member corps are recruiting. Join in-game channel TEST Alliance Public for more information and talk to recruiters.

TEST Wiki - How Can I Help?

If you can improve a page, do so. “Be the change you wish to see.” See the DokuWiki Formatting Syntax for how to make pages pretty. Don't screw it up or we'll hunt you down. If you find a restricted page that needs editing or improving, join wiki-office (!roles wiki-office) on TEST Discord

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