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Software & Utilities

Required Software

These are the applications that you are expected to have installed and working correctly for being in TEST.


  • One of the most important things you can install as part of TEST is a Discord. It cannot be stressed overmuch how important this will be for your day-to-day communication with the rest of the alliance, particularly if you choose to take advantage of the Squad system to meet new people.


  • Potentially THE single most important out-of-game tool, Mumble is a multi-user voice-over-IP (VOIP) client, similar in function to Ventrilo or Teamspeak. This is what you'll use to listen to your fleet commanders' orders in fights, and is also a heavily-used social communication tool where you can talk with all your new Internet spaceship friends. Read up on how to configure it for our purposes at the Mumble wiki page.

Helpful Eve Utilities

Lost UI

  • Allows you to copy over settings from one toon to another saving you time configuring your UI, overview, and other settings


  • EVEmon is a skill planning tool from Battleclinic that allows you to make and edit skill plans. Features include the ability to plan remaps, skills. Almost every eve player uses this and is a must if you have multiple alts in training.


  • Pyfa is multi-platform fitting tool. Enables the creation and saving of fits with associated implants and cargo. Integrates with ESI so you can import your characters to check skill compatibility with fits and see their affect on ship stats.

Test Alliance Skill Checker

  • A great way to help you plan your skill training. This web-app checks your characters skills against the required (and recommended) skill levels for current ship doctrines. This tool even provides skill plan exports into EveMon.


  • The all but standard web based Eve map. Numerous filters for everything from kills, to moons, to jumps, and more.

SMT (Slazanger's Map Tool)

  • SMT is a standalone EVE map application that features ESI data overlay(rat, ship, pod kills, etc), intel channel/data overlay, jump bridges, character tracking and other useful features. More interactive and info rich than DOTLAN but requires the setup and configuration effort that standalone EVE applications usually require.

Test Intel Map

  • This browser-based map shows you the most recently reported tactical intelligence (as reported in-game from the intelligence channels). If you're in-game, you should also be utilizing the intel-reporting channels directly, but the map provides a nice graphical backup, as well as giving you a visual representation of what systems are hot, so you can identify that system XYZ-3 happens to be close to the system you're in and perhaps it is time to get safe or prepare for a fight. You should also consider downloading and installing the reporting tool which allows this map to be accurate.

Eve Scout

  • Provides a listing and map of Thera wormhole connections. Useful for finding shortcuts across known space using wormholes. Their Thera hole bookmark folder is currently down.
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