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Squads are essentially social groups within TEST, formed so that like-minded individuals can hang out and play internet spaceships together, or make friends with people to play with. Squads serve no greater purpose, they are not officially organized externally. Most squads allow multi-squad membership.

To join a squad, apply on Auth under group memberships.

Squad Name Description
D20 Squad Squad for people obsessed with rolling dice for stuff.
Prometheus Squad Wormhole probing squad

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIG) differ slightly from Squads. Test Alliance stays alive on a day-to-day basis with the help of hundreds of members in many varied Special Interest Groups. If you'd like to give a little bit back to the alliance, apply to join one of these SIGs on Auth or check out the Career Center on the forums.

Special Interest Group Description
Alliance Tournament TEST's tournament team. You shall not pass!
Mentors Masters of the bad
Ministry Of Truth Ministry of Truth and Propaganda
Miners TEST Miners (Asteroids or Ice).
White Van White Van, TEST Alliance's recon group.
ppd Perimeter Police Department
Small Arms Division Small Arms Division
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