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Eve is a very complex game. Thankfully, there's some external websites that help with issues. Below are links you may want to bookmark in your browser.

Some of these require a login through your Eve API key or TEST Service key which will be mentioned above the description.

See Also Software and Utilities


  • Eve University is probably the biggest source for tutorials and guides for Eve. There is much to read, but also multiple recordings if you rather listen. The link will take you to the class overview page.

  • This guide is massive. MASSIVE! Over 500 pages of information on pretty much everything in Eve. It's a long read, but if you really want to get into the game this is a great way to achieve that.

  • The Test Alliance Skill Checker web application that lists the required and suggested skills for Fleet Doctrines. A great tool to help you see what you could/should train next.


  • This is your main source on rumours, scandals and information about what is currently going on in Eve. It is also a platform where propaganda and drama flourish, so don't take everything as 100% true.

Propaganda Information videos and articles on Dreddit's current status and history.


  • Dotlan is an alternative to the in-game star map and also allows you to look up numbers and statistics on corporations and alliances. It is easier to view than the Eve in-game map and has multiple options including a route planner.

  • The new (TEST) intelmap

Eve Gatecheck

  • Checks for gatecamps along specified route. Includes info about recently active dictors and smartbombs on gates.
  • Note that gatecheck only tells you if a a gate is dangerous. It tells you nothing about if a gate is SAFE. Always exercise the standard precautions when traveling.

  • Tripwire is a wormhole mapping tool built for use with EVE Online. It fully supports the EVE in-game browser and the latest Chrome, Firefox and Internet Exporer. Using the latest in internet security standards it is the most secure tool in New Eden.

  • Navigate with known Ansiblex Jump Gates friendly to TEST. Requires human updated input from the Jump Bridge List. Edit on 14/07/2020: Start switching to the Sentinel Map and nuke Freeburn permissions! There are OPSEC concerns relating to freeburn.


  • This site allows you to find out more about a wormhole before you jump it. Put your cursor on the wormhole icon and it should show a letter plus three numbers which you can look for on the site. People may ask you to look for a “C5 wormhole” which would be any wormhole with the description “Leads into dangerous w-space system | Class 5” on this site.

  • A site that gives information on different DED combat sites you might stumble upon. This one also helps to understand the DED-rating in general (e.g. when people ask you to find an “8/10 site”).

  • This one is the same as above but for combat sites with no DED-rating.

  • This tool is great for exploration. Everyone can submit signatures they have found and it will show up for others who visit the system. You only have to scan them down enough to show the type of site - 100% is not required. In-game you can open the site and look for the signature IDs (XXX-XXX) to see of what type the signatures in your current system are and filter for the ones you want (e.g. only Relic and Data sites). If you find a signature that is not listed in the database, you can scan it down and add it.

  • A user-updated list of all the current connections to Thera (a huge wormhole system with NPC stations). Great for explorers or anyone looking to get to or through Thera. It only shows direct connections to Thera however, so it won't help you see the countless connections of wormholes that lead somewhere else and then to Thera.


  • You can guess from the name what this site does. It is used to find the current value of one or multiple objects in the main market hubs (Jita, Amarr, Dodixie, Rens, Hek) and the average across the universe. To use it you have to set your inventory to list mode (found in the top right corner, right under the 'x'), select the items you want appraised and copy&paste them into the website's window. The default market hub is Jita - the biggest one by far. [INACTIVE]

  • Eve-central allows you to view the market in the big trade hubs without being in range of them. It also shows the current mineral value.

An alternative to Eve-central, this out-of-game market browser with an interface that is nearly identical to the in-game market window. Useful for checking prices across all of New-Eden and the familiar interface makes it easy to use. [INACTIVE]

  • Requires login with TEST Service key.
  • Coolbean takes almost all stuff you contract to him and sells it in Jita. In return you get ~90% of the estimated profits. This is often preferable to selling them in Nullsec where you can expect much lower prices (meaning less profits). Coolbean is to my knowledge the biggest buyback service in TEST region, has been long in the business and is reliable, but you may want to ask around for smaller buyback services which offer a few more percent and help small businesses.

Scouting [Preferred]

  • These are many different links, but they all serve the function of presenting a good copy of your dscan to fellow dinos. This allows your fleetmates and Fleet Commander to get a quick overview about what is in your dscan range. To use it click on an entry in your dscan, press Ctrl+A (select all), Ctrl+C (copy) and Ctrl+V (paste) it into the form on the website. Press “Parse”/“Submit” to process the information.

Ship fits Eve Workbench

  • A browser-based fit creation and sharing service. It has a small userbase.


  • zkillboard is used to track kills and losses in Eve. People may post links to it after big battles where you can find statistics on the fight.

  • EveWho allows you to look up alliances, corporations and pilots in your browser.
  • Text Local Spam Need anything when “Primary is local”? This is the site for you!

  • Requires login with TEST Service key.
  • This is the official TEST pastebin. It allows you to put a password on classified information and change the text font!

  • This map shows which alliance/coalition holds what sovereignty in Eve. It's not something that you will use on a daily basis, but rather a very cool tool to help you understand Eve politics.

Third Party Tools

  • Dotlan Evemaps – an amazing human-readable map of New Eden with statistics combined with corporation and alliance historic information.
  • EveMon – a character monitoring tool useful for planning skill training. The TEST Skill Checker provides skill plan files in the EveMon format.
  • Pyfa – an out-of-game fitting tool. Perhaps less essential with the addition of Simulated Fitting to the game client, pyfa remains an excellent utility for prototyping ship fits without spending ISK.
  • EveAssets — an ugly little utility for keeping track of your assets and market orders, their locations, and their market values. Great for managing stuff between multiple characters, watching market orders, and monitoring growth.
  • Eve Gatecheck – a handy little tool intended to warn of gate camps along travel routes. Always remember that an absence of intel doesn't indicate the absence of a threat.
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