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TEST Freighters Please Ignore

This page was Edited by Chris Martinn, who isn't native English speaker. If you see any kind of grammatical mistakes or better sentence, please refer to this forum post and feel free to edit it into better sentence.


  • MANDATORY collateral >= 100% Jita Sell Value as per
  • Set expiration to 7 days or longer
  • Set time to complete to 1 day.
  • Max contract size
    • < 60k (very strongly recommended for fast delivery)
    • < 300k (enforced maximum)
    • For contracts >300k contact a jf pilot directly or ask in #services-offered channel of alliance discord
  • Max collateral
    • There is no maximum, so long as the calculator rates are followed.
    • Its recommended to split contracts with large collat to hit the 10bil target. For very very large collat contracts you should work out the contract with a freight hauler directly.
  • Minimum Reward
    • 5m, Come on now, ain't nobody got time to move your shit for less than 5 million ISK.

Freight Reward

Use the calculator here to determine the reward for the contract:

The official routes are listed on calculator. If you need something alternative as in #services-offered channel in alliance discord or contact a jf pilot directly.

How to issue a courier contract

How to issue a courier contract


Every courier contract issued to alliance is listed here.

Please see the following forum posts for details:

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