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Destroyers almost have the firepower of a cruiser, but they also have the mass and speed of a cruiser combined with the near nonexistent tank of a frigate.

Destroyers were buffed in the Crucible expansion to bring them more in line with their intended role: small, cheap damage platforms. Sensor boosted Destroyers fitted with high damage, slow rate of fire weapon systems are a decent choice as they can quickly lock and one-shot hostile T1 frigates. Because of their high firepower and low price, they make an excellent choice for suicide ganking.

With the Retribution expansion tier 2 destroyers were introduced. They rely on missiles and drones to deal damage.

For PvE, they are great for Level 1 missions and most of the Sisters of Eve Epic Arc as they chew through T1 frigates with panache. They are a poor choice for Level 2 missions and above. Destroyers also make excellent salvaging ships because of their large number of high slots and decent cargo bay.

Hull size: Small.

Approximate cost, average fit: 1-2 million isk.

Tech 1

Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar
Coercer Cormorant Catalyst Thrasher
Dragoon Corax Algos Talwar

Tech 2

Tech 2 destroyers have special abilities compared to their Tech 1 counterparts, such as launching interdiction bubbles to trap fleets or the ability to provide gang support.

Tech 3 (Tactical)

Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar
Confessor Jackdaw Hecate Svipul


Triglavian Collective

Special Edition

Society of Conscious Thought
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